Frank Dudbridge


Department of Non-Communicable Disease EpidemiologyDudbridge

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT


Telephone: +44 20 7927 2025


Personal web pages: ;

Principal areas of expertise: Human genetics; Statistical methods; Genetic epidemiology; Molecular epidemiology



♦ Genetic epidemiology of common disease, with particular reference to statistical methodology and computation

Research in the Dudbridge lab includes: association analysis with missing data, especially haplotype analysis in family-based designs; analysis of genomewide association scans, especially multiple testing problems; multilocus association analysis; Mendelian randomisation and causal inference; disease risk prediction using genetics; software development.

Diseases in which Dr. Dudbridge carries out his research: cancer, cardiovascular disease, non-communicable diseases, obesity


Key publications:

Dudbridge F (2013) Power and predictive accuracy of polygenic risk scores. PLoS Genet 9: e1003348

Wason JMS, Dudbridge F (2012) A general framework for two-stage analysis of genome-wide association studies and its application to case-control studies. Am J Hum Genet 90: 760-773

Levinson DF, Shi J, Wang K, Oh S, Riley B, Pulver AE, Wildenauer DB, Laurent C, Mowry BJ, Gejman PV, Owen MJ, Kendler KS, Nestadt G, Schwab SG, Mallet J, Nertney D, Sanders AR, Williams NM, Wormley B, Lasseter VK, Albus M, Godard-Bauché S, Alexander M, Duan J, O’Donovan MC, Walsh D, O’Neill A, Papadimitriou GN, Dikeos D, Maier W, Lerer B, Campion D, Cohen D, Jay M, Fanous A, Eichhammer P, Silverman JM, Norton N, Zhang N, Hakonarson H, Gao C, Citri A, Hansen M, Ripke S; Schizophrenia Psychiatric GWAS Consortium, Dudbridge F, Holmans PA (2012) Genome-wide association study of multiplex schizophrenia pedigrees. Am J Psychiatry 169: 963-973

Bowden J, Dudbridge F (2009) Unbiased estimation of odds ratios: combining genomewide association scans with replication studies. Genet Epidemiol 33: 406-418

Dudbridge F (2008) Likelihood-based association analysis for nuclear families and unrelated subjects with missing genotype data. Hum Hered 66: 89-98

Dudbridge F, Gusnanto A (2008) Estimation of significance thresholds for genomewide association scans. Genet Epidemiol 32: 227-234

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