Mirko Marras has been teaching assistant for “Computer Networks” course given by Prof. Gianni Fenu to Computer Science BSc students at the Faculty of Science of the University of Cagliari.

Tutoring activities aims to show concepts related to architecture, systems and settled subnets of computers; protocol stack and models of computers communication; patterns of computers communication; real-world planning and operational settings.

The course content includes information about networks; stack and application layer; functionality and protocols OSI model; transport and network layers; addressing the network layer IPv4/IPv6; data link and physical layers; MAC address, Ethernet planning, management of networks; information about routing; packet forwarding; static routing; dynamic routing protocols; distance vector routing protocols; routing tables; link state routing protocols.

Academic YearTitle
2018-2019Computer Networks Tutoring
2017-2018Computer Networks Tutoring
2016-2017Computer Networks Tutoring
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