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Titolo: Leukemia in children and youths of the Azuay province, Ecuador: 2000-2010
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Citazione: Leukemia in children and youths of the Azuay province, Ecuador: 2000-2010 / Zucca M; Ugalde J; Arteaga FS; Biggio G; Flore V; Nonne T; Satta G; Blangiardo M; Cocco P; Ennas MG. - 23:1(2013), pp. 58-65.
Abstract: We mapped leukemia risk among children and youths in the Azuay province, Rio Paute river basin, Ecuador, in 2000-2010, using a Bayesian disease mapping model. We assessed the comprehensiveness of the list of leukemia cases from the Sociedad de Lucha contra el Càncer en el Ecuador (SOLCA) Hospital in Cuenca, the only referral center for oncology in the whole Rio Paute area, by comparison to the Quito cancer registry. Risk of leukemia did not vary significantly by canton within the Azuay province. However, a moderate increase in risk of borderline statistical significance was observed in the city of Cuenca and particularly among males in a heavily industrialized parish, who had an almost eight-fold excess (95% CI 3.03, 20.39, p = 0.01) of AML. Analytical studies are warranted to properly address specific etiological factor of leukemia among children and youths of the Azuay province of Ecuador.
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