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Titolo: Composizione corporea, nutrizione personalizzata e costo energetico della corsa: studio longitudinale su una popolazione di individui fisicamente attivi
Data di pubblicazione: 18-mag-2015
Abstract: Considering the relation between body weight-composition and energy cost of running, we tested the hypothesis that modifying body composition by means of a combined protocol of specific diet and training, the energy cost of motion (Cr) may be reduced. 45 healthy and normal-weight subjects were divided into three groups that performed a different treatment: the first group attended only a dietary protocol (D), the second only a running program (R) and the third both (R&D). Each subject underwent three anthropometric and exercise evaluation tests during one year (at T0, T6, T12) to assess body composition and Cr adjustments. The mean fat mass (FM) values were reduced in R&D from 12.0±4.0 to 10.4±3.0 kg (p<0.05 T0 vs. T12) and in the D group from 14.2±5.8 to 11.6±4.7 kg (p<0.05 T0 vs. T12). Conversely, the mean fat free mass values increased in R&D (from 56.3±8.8 to 58.3±9.8 kg, p<0.05 T0 vs. T12) and in the D group (from 50.6±13.2 to 52.9±13.6 kg, p<0.05 T0 vs. T12). The mean Cr values of the 2 groups were significantly modified throughout the one year protocol (1.48±0.16 and 1.40±0.15 kcal·kg-b·km-1 in the R&D group at T0 and T12 respectively; 1.83±0.17 and 1.76±0.23 kcal·kg-b·km-1 in D group at T0 to T12 respectively). The R&D and D groups that underwent the diet protocol had a positive change in body composition during the year (FM-fat free mass ratio decline) which determined a Cr reduction.
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