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Titolo: Product and by-product formation in electrolysis of dilute chloride solutions
Data di pubblicazione: 2008
Abstract: The results of an experimental study on electrochemical disinfection of water are presented. Attention was paid to the behaviour of chlorine compounds during electrolysis of water containing chlorides, with particular regard to the selectivity of the process towards the production of oxidising agents. Two reactor configurations were tested: a stirred tank cell and a filter press cell inserted in a hydraulic circuit. Both cells were equipped with boron doped diamond (BDD) anodes. Experiments were performed in batch and continuous mode. The effect of such operating parameters, current density, stirring rate or recirculating flow rate, on the behaviour of the process was investigated. The results at BDD anodes show that low current densities and perfect mixing of the system should be adopted in order to obtain high values of the concentration of oxidising agents avoiding the formation of such undesired by-products as chlorite, chlorate and perchlorate ions. Runs were also performed in which BDD was substituted by a commercial (Ti/RuO2) DSA anode and the results obtained with the two materials are compared.
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