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Hexafluorosilicic Acid (FSA): from Hazardous Waste to Precious Resource in Obtaining High Value-Added Mesostructured Silica2020Vacca, Mirko Antonio; Cara, Claudio; Mameli, Valentina; Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Scorciapino, Marian...o Andrea; Cutrufello, Maria Giorgia; Musinu, Anna; Tyrpekl, Vaclav; Pala, Luca; Cannas, CarlaACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Complexes formed by the siderophore-based monosulfactam antibiotic BAL30072 and their interaction with the outer membrane receptor PiuA of P. aeruginosa2019Scorciapino, Mariano Andrea; Malloci, Giuliano; Serra, Ilaria; Milenkovic, Stefan; Moynié, Lucile...; Naismith, James H.; Desarbre, Eric; Page, Malcolm G. P.; Ceccarelli, MatteoBIOMETALS
[9]aneN3-based fluorescent receptors for metal ion sensing, featuring urea and amide functional groups2019GARAU, ALESSANDRA; Bencini, Andrea; Blake, Alexander J.; CALTAGIRONE, CLAUDIA; Conti, Luca; ISAIA..., FRANCESCO; LIPPOLIS, VITO; MONTIS, RICCARDO; Mariani, Palma; SCORCIAPINO, MARIANO ANDREADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Conformational analysis and in vitro immunomodulatory and insulinotropic properties of the frog skin host-defense peptide rhinophrynin-27 and selected analogs2019Scorciapino, M. A.; Carta, P.; Pantic, J.; Lukic, M. L.; Lukic, A.; Musale, V.; Abdel-Wahab, Y. H.... A.; Conlon, J. M.BIOCHIMIE
Effects of amphipathic profile regularization on structural order and interaction with membrane models of two highly cationic branched peptides with β-sheet propensity2018Serra, Ilaria; Casu, Mariano; Ceccarelli, Matteo; Gameiro, Paula; Rinaldi, Andrea C.; Scorciapino..., Mariano AndreaPEPTIDES
Folded Structure and Membrane Affinity of the N-Terminal Domain of the Three Human Isoforms of the Mitochondrial Voltage-Dependent Anion-Selective Channel2018Manzo, Giorgia; Serra, Ilaria; Magrí, Andrea; Casu, Mariano; De Pinto, Vito; Ceccarelli, Matteo;... Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREAACS OMEGA
A catalyst-free, waste-less ethanol-based solvothermal synthesis of amides2018Dalu, Francesca; Scorciapino, Mariano A.; Cara, Claudio; Luridiana, Alberto; Musinu, Anna; Casu, ...Mariano; Secci, Francesco; Cannas, CarlaGREEN CHEMISTRY
Preacinetobactin not acinetobactin is essential for iron uptake by the BauA transporter of the pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii2018Moynié, Lucile; Serra, Ilaria; Scorciapino, Mariano A.; Oueis, Emilia; Page, Malcolm Gp;, Matteo; Naismith, James H.ELIFE
General method to determine the flux of charged molecules through nanopores applied to β-Lactamase inhibitors and OmpF2017Ghai, I; Pira, A; Scorciapino, MA; Bodrenko, I; Benier, L; Ceccarelli, M; Winterhalter, M; Wagner, RTHE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS
Selenoureas for anion binding as molecular logic gates2017Casula, Arianna; Paloma, Begines; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Fernandez-Bolan˜os, Jose`g.; Isaia, Franc...esco; Lippolis, Vito; O´scar Lo ´pez, ; Picci, Giacomo; Andrea Scorciapino, M.; Caltagirone, Claudia; Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREACHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Antimicrobial dendrimeric peptides: Structure, activity and new therapeutic applications2017Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREA; Serra, Ilaria; Manzo, Giorgia; Rinaldi, AndreaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Bacterial outer membrane porins as electrostatic nanosieves: exploring transport rules of small polar molecules2017Bajaj, Harsha; ACOSTA GUTIERREZ, Silvia; Bodrenko, Igor; Malloci, Giuliano; Scorciapino, MARIANO ...ANDREA; Winterhalter, Mathias; Ceccarelli, MatteoACS NANO
Nanostructure of surface films on Ni18P alloy in sulfate solutions by the maximum entropy method2017Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREA; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Crobu, M.; Navarra, Gabriele; Elsener, Bernhard; ...Rossi, AntonellaACS OMEGA
Rationalizing the permeation of polar antibiotics into Gram-negative bacteria2017Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREA; ACOSTA GUTIERREZ, Silvia; Benkerrou, Dehbia; D'Agostino, Tommaso; Ma...lloci, Giuliano; Samanta, Susruta; Bodrenko, Igor; Ceccarelli, MatteoJOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER
The semi-synthetic peptide Lin-SB056-1 in combination with EDTA exerts strong antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity against pseudomonas aeruginosa in conditions mimicking cystic fibrosis sputum2017Maisetta, Giuseppantonio; Grassi, Lucia; Esin, Semih; Serra, Ilaria; Scorciapino, Mariano A.; Rin...aldi, Andrea C.; Batoni, GiovannaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
A new class of silica-supported chromo-fluorogenic chemosensors for anion recognition based on a selenourea scaffold2017Casula, Arianna; Llopis Lorente, Antoni; Garau, Alessandra; Isaia, Francesco; Kubicki, Maciej; Li...ppolis, Vito; Sancenón, Félix; Martínez Máñez, Ramón; Owczarzak, Agata; Santi, Claudio; Scorciapino, Mariano Andrea; Caltagirone, ClaudiaCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Towards In-Silica Screening of Molecule Permeation through Outer Membrane Channels in Gramm-Negative Bacteria2017Bodrenko, I; Acosta-Gutierrez, S; D'Agostino, T; Salis, S; Samanta, S; Scorciapino, Ma; Ceccarell...i, MBIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL
Filtering with the electric field: a story on protein channels electrostatics2017Acosta-Gutierrez, S.; Malloci, G.; Bodrenko, I.; Scorciapino, M. A.; Ceccarelli, M.BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL
How to get large drugs through small pores? Exploiting the porins pathway in Pseudomonas aeruginosa2017Samanta, S.; D'Agostino, T.; Ghai, I.; Pathania, M.; Acosta-Gutierrez, S.; Scorciapino, M. A.; Bo...drenko, I.; Wagner, R.; van den Berg, B.; Winterhalter, M.; Ceccarelli, M.BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL
Investigation of siderophore-monobactam antibiotic derivatives: their iron(III)-complexes and binding to receptors2017Scorciapino, M. A.; Malloci, G.; Ceccarelli, M.; Moynie, L.; Naismith, J. H.; Desarbre, E.; Page, M.BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL
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