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Breeding system and inbreeding depression in a translocated population of the endangered plant Dianthus morisianus (Caryophyllaceae)2020Nebot, A.; Cogoni, D.; Fenu, G.; Bacchetta, G.FLORA
Assessing the global conservation status of the rock rose Helianthemum caput-felis2020Sulis, E.; Bacchetta, G.; Cogoni, D.; Gargano, D.; Fenu, G.ORYX
A common approach to the conservation of threatened island vascular plants: First results in the mediterranean basin2020Fenu, G.; Bacchetta, G.; Christodoulou, C. S.; Cogoni, D.; Fournaraki, C.; del Galdo Gian Pietro,... G.; Gotsiou, P.; Kyratzis, A.; Piazza, C.; Vicens, M.; de Montmollin, B.DIVERSITY
Biogeographical characterisation of Egypt based on environmental features and endemic vascular plants distribution2020Abdelaal, M.; Fois, M.; Fenu, G.; Bacchetta, G.APPLIED GEOGRAPHY
So Uncommon and so Singular, but Underexplored: An Updated Overview on Ethnobotanical Uses, Biological Properties and Phytoconstituents of Sardinian Endemic Plants2020Sanna, Cinzia; Maxia, Andrea; Fenu, Giuseppe; Loi, Maria CeciliaPLANTS
Genetic variability of the first-generation of Ribes sardoum, a threatened relic plant requiring translocation measures2019Gentili, R.; Fenu, G.; Porceddu, M.; Bruni, I.; Citterio, S.; Bacchetta, G.PLANT BIOSYSTEMS
Using MaxEnt modeling to predict the potential distribution of the endemic plant Rosa arabica Crép. in Egypt2019Abdelaal, Mohamed; Fois, Mauro; Fenu, Giuseppe; Bacchetta, GianluigiECOLOGICAL INFORMATICS
Is vegetation an indicator for evaluating the impact of tourism on the conservation status of Mediterranean coastal dunes?2019Pinna, M. S.; Bacchetta, G.; Cogoni, D.; Fenu, G.SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Litter decomposition: effects of temperature driven by soil moisture and vegetation type2019Petraglia, Alessandro; Cacciatori, Cecilia; Chelli, Stefano; Fenu, Giuseppe; Calderisi, Giulia; G...argano, Domenico; Abeli, Thomas; Orsenigo, Simone; Carbognani, MichelePLANT AND SOIL
Estimating land market values from real estate offers: A replicable method in support of biodiversity conservation strategies2019Fois, Mauro; Fenu, Giuseppe; Bacchetta, GianluigiAMBIO
Floristic patterns and ecological drivers of sand dune ecosystem along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt2019Abdelaal, M.; Ahmed, D.; Fois, M.; Fenu, G.; Bacchetta, G.ARID LAND RESEARCH AND MANAGEMENT
The unpredictable fate of the single population of a threatened narrow endemic Mediterranean plant2019Cogoni, D.; Sulis, E.; Bacchetta, G.; Fenu, G.BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION
Phylogenetically informed spatial planning as a tool to prioritise areas for threatened plant conservation within a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot2019Carta, Angelino; Gargano, Domenico; Rossi, Graziano; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Fenu, Giuseppe; Montag...nani, Chiara; Abeli, Thomas; Peruzzi, Lorenzo; Orsenigo, SimoneSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Global and regional IUCN red list assessments: 82019Fenu, G.; Bernardo, L.; Calvo, R.; Cortis, P.; de Agostini, A.; Gangale, C.; Gargano, D.; Gargano..., M. L.; Lussu, M.; Medagli, P.; Perrino, E. V.; Sciandrello, S.; Wagensommer, R. P.; Orsenigo, S.ITALIAN BOTANIST
An early evaluation of translocation actions for endangered plant species on Mediterranean islands2019Fenu, G.; Bacchetta, G.; Charalambos, S. C.; Fournaraki, C.; Giusso del Galdo, G. P.; Gotsiou, P....; Kyratzis, A.; Piazza, C.; Vicens, M.; Pinna, M. S.; de Montmollin, B.PLANT DIVERSITY
Spatially assessing plant diversity for conservation: A Mediterranean case study2018Carli, Emanuela; Frondoni, Raffaella; Pinna, Maria Silvia; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Fenu, Giuseppe; ...Fois, Mauro; Marignani, Michela; Puddu, Selena; Blasi, CarloJOURNAL FOR NATURE CONSERVATION
Does a correlation exist between environmental suitability models and plant population parameters? An experimental approach to measure the influence of disturbances and environmental changes2018Fois, Mauro; CUENA LOMBRANA, Alba; Fenu, Giuseppe; Cogoni, Donatella; Bacchetta, GianluigiECOLOGICAL INDICATORS
Current and future effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network for protecting plant species in Sardinia: a nice and complex strategy in its raw state?2018Fois, Mauro; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Cogoni, Donatella; Fenu, GiuseppeJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT
Using extinctions in species distribution models to evaluate and predict threats: a contribution to plant conservation planning on the island of Sardinia2018Fois, Mauro; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; CUENA LOMBRANA, Alba; Cogoni, Donatella; Pinna, MARIA SILVIA; ...Sulis, Elena; Fenu, GiuseppeENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION
Critical checklist of the endemic vascular plants of Egypt2018Abdelaal, Mohamed; Fois, Mauro; Fenu, Giuseppe; Bacchetta, GianluigiPHYTOTAXA
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