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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Exploring the Correlation Between M/EEG Source–Space and fMRI Networks at Rest2020Rizkallah, J.; Amoud, H.; Fraschini, M.; Wendling, F.; Hassan, M.BRAIN TOPOGRAPHY
A comparison between power spectral density and network metrics: an EEG study2020Demuru, Matteo; La Cava, Simone Maurizio; Pani, Sara Maria; Fraschini, MatteoBIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL
EEG fingerprinting: subject-specific signature based on the aperiodic component of power spectrum2020DEMURU, MATTEO; FRASCHINI, MATTEOCOMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE
Subject, session and task effects on power, connectivity and network centrality: A source-based EEG study2020PANI, SARA MARIA; CIUFFI, MARTA; DEMURU, MATTEO; LA CAVA, SIMONE MAURIZIO; BAZZANO, GIOVANNI; D'A...LOJA, ERNESTO; FRASCHINI, MATTEOBIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL
PhysioUnicaDB: a dataset of EEG and ECG simultaneously acquired2019Barra, Silvio; Fraschini, Matteo; Casanova, Andrea; Castiglione, Aniello; Fenu, GianniPATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS
Resting-state MEG measurement of functional activation as a biomarker for cognitive decline in MS2019Schoonhoven, Deborah N; Fraschini, Matteo; Tewarie, Prejaas; Uitdehaag, Bernard MJ; Eijlers, Anan...d JC; Geurts, Jeroen JG; Hillebrand, Arjan; Schoonheim, Menno M; Stam, Cornelis J; Strijbis, Eva MMMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
Robustness of functional connectivity metrics for EEG-based personal identification over task-induced intra-class and inter-class variations2019Fraschini, Matteo; Pani, SARA MARIA; Didaci, Luca; Luca Marcialis, GianPATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS
Personal Identity Verification by EEG-Based Network Representation on a Portable Device2019Orru, G.; Garau, M.; Fraschini, M.; Acedo, J.; Didaci, L.; Ibanez, D.; Soria-Frish, A.; Marcialis..., G. L.Springer Verlag
A comparison between scalp- and source-reconstructed EEG networks2018Lai, Margherita; Demuru, Matteo; Hillebrand, Arjan; Fraschini, MatteoSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Comparison of functional connectivity metrics using an unsupervised approach: A source resting-state EEG study2018Fraschini, Matteo; Lai, Margherita; Didaci, LucaJOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE NEUROSCIENCE
Functional brain connectivity analysis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: an EEG source-space study2018Fraschini, Matteo; Lai, Margherita; Demuru, Matteo; Puligheddu, MONICA MARIA FRANCESCA; Floris, G...ianluca; Giuseppe, Borghero; Marrosu, FrancescoBIOMEDICAL PHYSICS & ENGINEERING EXPRESS
Fusion of physiological measures for multimodal biometric systems2017Barra, Silvio; Casanova, Andrea; Fraschini, Matteo; Nappi, MicheleMULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS
Minimum spanning tree and k-core decomposition as measure of subject-specific EEG traits2016Crobe, Alessandra; Demuru, Matteo; Didaci, Luca; Marcialis, GIAN LUCA; Fraschini, MatteoBIOMEDICAL PHYSICS & ENGINEERING EXPRESS
The effect of epoch length on estimated EEG functional connectivity and brain network organisation2016Fraschini, Matteo; Demuru, Matteo; Alessandra, Crobe; Marrosu, Francesco; Stam, Cornelis J.; Arja...n, HillebrandJOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING
EEG functional network topology is associated with disability in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis2016Fraschini M; Demuru M; Hillebrand A; Cuccu L; Porcu S; Di Stefano F; Puligheddu M; Floris G; Borg...hero G; Marrosu FSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Experimental results on multi-modal fusion of EEG-based personal verification algorithms2016Garau, Marco; Fraschini, Matteo; Didaci, Luca; Marcialis, Gian Luca
An EEG-based biometric system using eigenvector centrality in resting state brain networks2015Fraschini, Matteo; Hillebrand, A; Demuru, Matteo; Didaci, Luca; Marcialis, Gian LucaIEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS
EEG/ECG signal fusion aimed at biometric recognition2015Barra, Silvio; Casanova, Andrea; Fraschini, Matteo; Nappi, MicheleSpringer
The re-organization of functional brain networks in pharmaco-resistant epileptic patients who respond to VNS2014Fraschini M; Demuru M; Puligheddu M; Floridia S; Polizzi L; Maleci A; Bortolato M; Hillebrand A; ...Marrosu FNEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
Changes in MEG resting-state networks are related to cognitive decline in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients2014Demuru M; van Duinkerken E; Fraschini M; Marrosu F; Snoek FJ; Barkhof F; Klein M; Diamantd M; Hil...lebrand ANEUROIMAGE. CLINICAL
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