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Anchoring ultrasmall FeIII-based nanoparticles on silica and titania mesostructures for syngas H2S purification2020Cara, C.; Mameli, V.; Rombi, E.; Pinna, N.; Sanna Angotzi, M.; Niznansky, D.; Musinu, A.; Cannas, C.MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Magnetocrystalline and surface anisotropy in cofe2o4 nanoparticles2020Omelyanchik, A.; Salvador, M.; D'orazio, F.; Mameli, V.; Cannas, C.; Fiorani, D.; Musinu, A.;, M.; Rodionova, V.; Varvaro, G.; Peddis, D.NANOMATERIALS
Coupled hard–soft spinel ferrite-based core–shell nanoarchitectures: magnetic properties and heating abilities2020Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cara, Claudio; Musinu, Anna; Sangregorio, Claudio; Nizna...nsky, Daniel; Xin, Huolin L.; Vejpravova, Jana; Cannas, CarlaNANOSCALE ADVANCES
Defect-assisted synthesis of magneto-plasmonic silver-spinel ferrite heterostructures in a flower-like architecture2020Sanna Angotzi, M.; Mameli, V.; Cara, C.; Grillo, V.; Enzo, S.; Musinu, A.; Cannas, C.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Hexafluorosilicic Acid (FSA): from Hazardous Waste to Precious Resource in Obtaining High Value-Added Mesostructured Silica2020Vacca, Mirko Antonio; Cara, Claudio; Mameli, Valentina; Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Scorciapino, Marian...o Andrea; Cutrufello, Maria Giorgia; Musinu, Anna; Tyrpekl, Vaclav; Pala, Luca; Cannas, CarlaACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Oleate-Based Solvothermal Approach for Size Control of MIIFe₂IIIO₄ (MII ═ MnII, FeII) Colloidal Nanoparticles2019Angotzi, Marco Sanna; Mameli, Valentina; Cara, Claudio; Ardu, Andrea; Ni Ňnanský, Daniel; Musinu,... AnnaJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
Magnetic interactions versus magnetic anisotropy in spinel ferrite nanoparticles2019Muscas, G.; Cobianchi, M.; Lascialfari, A.; Cannas, C.; Musinu, A.; Omelyanchik, A.; Rodionova, V....; Fiorani, D.; Mameli, V.; Peddis, D.IEEE MAGNETICS LETTERS
Fe-57 Mossbauer Spectroscopy for the Study of Nanostructured Mixed Mn-Co Spinel Ferrites2019Angotzi, Marco Sanna; Mameli, Valentina; Musinu, Anna; Ni Ňnanský, DanielJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
A catalyst-free, waste-less ethanol-based solvothermal synthesis of amides2018Dalu, Francesca; Scorciapino, Mariano A.; Cara, Claudio; Luridiana, Alberto; Musinu, Anna; Casu, ...Mariano; Secci, Francesco; Cannas, CarlaGREEN CHEMISTRY
γ‑Fe2O3‑M41S Sorbents for H2S Removal: Effect of Different Porous Structures and Silica Wall Thickness2018Cara, Claudio; Rombi, Elisabetta; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Niznansk...y, Daniel; Musinu, Anna Maria Giovanna; Cannas, CarlaJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C
The interplay between single particle anisotropy and interparticle interactions in ensembles of magnetic nanoparticles2018Muscas, G; Concas, G; Laureti, S; Testa, A M; Mathieu, R; De Toro, J A; Cannas, C; Musinu, A; Nov...ak, M A; Sangregorio, C; Lee, Su Seong; Peddis, DPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Spinel ferrite core-shell nanostructures by a versatile solvothermal seed-mediated growth approach and study of their nanointerfaces2017Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Musinu, Anna Maria Giovanna; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; Cara, Claudio...; Niznansky, Daniel; Xin, Huolin L; Cannas, CarlaACS NANO
MCM-41 support for ultrasmall γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles for H2S removal2017Cara, Claudio; Rombi, Elisabetta; Musinu, ANNA MARIA GIOVANNA; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; S...ANNA ANGOTZI, Marco; Atzori, Luciano; Niznansky, Daniel; Xin, H. L.; Cannas, CarlaJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. A
Cobalt ferrite nanoparticles as nanoheaters to treat cancer2016Mameli, V.; Musinu, A.; Ardu, A.; Ennas, G.; Peddis, D.; Niznansky, D.; Sangregorio, C.; Innocent...i, C.; Thanh, Nguyen T. K.; Cannas, C.
Studying the effect of Zn-substitution on the magnetic and hyperthermic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles2016Mameli, V.; Musinu, A.; Ardu, A.; Ennas, G.; Peddis, D.; Niznansky, D.; Sangregorio, C.; Innocent...i, C.; Thanh, Nguyen T. K.; Cannas, C.NANOSCALE
Much more than a glass: the complex magnetic and microstructural properties of obsidian2016Mameli V; Musinu A; Niznansky Dl; Peddis D; Ennas G; Ardu A; Lugliè C; Cannas CJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C.
A direct solvothermal strategy to amide-capped magnetite nanoparticles2015Cara, C.; Musinu, A.; Mameli, V.; Ardu, A.; Nižňanský, D.; Bursik, J.; Scorciapino, M. A.; Manzo,... G.; Cannas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Microstructure, morphology and magnetism of Monte Arci obsidian2015Mameli, V.; Musinu, A.; Nižňanský, D.; Peddis, D.; Ennas, G.; Ardu, A.; Lugliè, C.; Cannas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Beyond the crystallite size, the particle size and the capping agent: the effect of Zn substitution on the magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles2015Mameli, Valentina; Musinu, A.; Ardu, A.; Ennas, G.; Peddis, D.; Nižňanský, D.; Thanh, N. T. K.; C...annas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Colloidal CoFe2O4@MnFe2O4 and CoFe2O4@γ-Fe2O3 heterostructures with core-shell architecture2015Sanna Angotzi, M.; Musinu, A.; Mameli, V.; Ardu, A.; Cara, C.; Sangregorio, C.; Nižňanský, D.; Ca...nnas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
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