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Quantitative Assessment of Trunk Flexion in Nurses Using Wearable Inertial Sensor: A Pilot Study2020Porta, Micaela; Campagna, Marcello; Mura, Giovanni Marco; Pau, MassimilianoSpringer
Occupational exposure to organic dust and risk of lymphoma subtypes in the EPILYMPH case-control study2020Cocco, Pierluigi; Satta, Giannina; Meloni, Federico; Pilia, Ilaria; Ahmed, Fahad; Becker, Nikolau...s; Casabonne, Delphine; de Sanjosé, Silvia; Foretova, Lenka; Maynadié, Marc; Nieters, Alexandra; Staines, Anthony; 't Mannetje, Andrea; Zucca, Mariagrazia; Ennas, Maria Grazia; Campagna, Marcello; De Matteis, Sara; Benavente, YolandaSCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK, ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH
Manual handling of patients: role of kinesiophobia and catastrophizing in health workers with chronic low back pain2020Lecca, L. I.; Fabbri, D.; Portoghese, I.; Pilia, I.; Meloni, F.; Marcias, G.; Galletta, M.; Mucci..., N.; Campagna, M.; Monticone, M.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE
Human Leukocyte Antigen Complex and Other Immunogenetic and Clinical Factors Influence Susceptibility or Protection to SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Severity of the Disease Course. The Sardinian Experience2020Littera, Roberto; Campagna, Marcello; Deidda, Silvia; Angioni, Goffredo; Cipri, Selene; Melis, Ma...urizio; Firinu, Davide; Santus, Simonetta; Lai, Alberto; Porcella, Rita; Lai, Sara; Rassu, Stefania; Scioscia, Rosetta; Meloni, Federico; Schirru, Daniele; Cordeddu, William; Kowalik, Marta Anna; Serra, Maria; Ragatzu, Paola; Carta, Mauro; Del Giacco, Stefano; Restivo, Angelo; Deidda, Simona; Orru, Sandro; Palimodde, Antonella; Perra, Roberto; Orru, Germano; Conti, Maria; Balestrieri, Cinzia; Serra, Giancarlo; Onali, Simona; Marongiu, Francesco; Perra, Andrea; Chessa, LuchinoFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY
Stress among medical students: Factor structure of the University Stress Scale among Italian students2020Portoghese, I.; Porru, F.; Galletta, M.; Campagna, M.; Burdorf, A.BMJ OPEN
Haemolymphatic cancer among children in Sardinia, Italy: 1974-2003 incidence2020Broccia, G.; Carter, J.; Ozsin-Ozler, C.; Meloni, F.; Pilia, I.; Satta, G.; Murgia, G.; Campagna,... M.; Cocco, P.BMJ OPEN
Compassion fatigue, watching patients suffering and emotional display rules among hospice professionals: a daily diary study2020Portoghese, Igor; Galletta, Maura; Larkin, Philip; Sardo, Salvatore; Campagna, Marcello; Finco, G...abriele; D'Aloja, ErnestoBMC PALLIATIVE CARE
Liquid phase microextraction techniques combined with chromatography analysis: A review2020Dugheri, S.; Mucci, N.; Bonari, A.; Marrubini, G.; Cappelli, G.; Ubiali, D.; Campagna, M.; Montal...ti, M.; Arcangeli, G.ACTA CHROMATOGRAPHICA
Occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs in hospital environments: Potential risk associated with contact with cyclophosphamide-and ifosfamide-contaminated surfaces2020Mucci, N.; Dugheri, S.; Farioli, A.; Garzaro, G.; Rapisarda, V.; Campagna, M.; Bonari, A.; Arcang...eli, G.MEDYCYNA PRACY
Gastrointestinal Coronavirus disease 2019: epidemiology, clinical features, pathogenesis, prevention, and management2020Deidda, Simona; Tora, Lorena; Firinu, Davide; Del Giacco, Stefano; Campagna, Marcello; Meloni, Fe...derico; Orrù, Germano; Chessa, Luchino; Carta, Mauro; Melis, Alessandra; Spolverato, Gaya; Zorcolo, Luigi; Restivo, AngeloEXPERT REVIEW OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY
Is the Inversion in the Trend of the Lethality of the COVID-19 in the Two Hemispheres due to the Difference in Seasons and Weather?2020Carta, Mauro; Kalcev, Goce; Scano, Alessandra; Romano, Ferdinando; Cossu, Giulia; Littera, Robert...o; Perra, Andrea; Deidda, Simona; Firinu, Davide; Del Giacco, Stefano; Campagna, Marcello; Chessa, Luchino; Zorcolo, Luigi; Restivo, Angelo; Orru, GermanoBIOINTERFACE RESEARCH IN APPLIED CHEMISTRY
Reply to comment on Lecca, LI; Portoghese, I.; Mucci, N.; Galletta, M.; Meloni, F.; Pilia, I.; Marcias, G.; Fabbri, D.; Fostinelli, J.; Lucchini, RG; Cocco, P.; Campagna, M. association between work-related stress and qt prolongation in male workers2020Lecca, L. I.; Portoghese, I.; Mucci, N.; Galletta, M.; Meloni, F.; Pilia, I.; Marcias, G.; Fabbri..., D.; Fostinelli, J.; Lucchini, R. G.; Cocco, P.; Campagna, M.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Schrödinger’s worker: Are they positive or negative for SARS-CoV-2?2020Meloni, F.; Campagna, M.; Restivo, A.; Cocco, P.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Job demand–control–support latent profiles and their relationships with interpersonal stressors, job burnout, and intrinsic work motivation2020Portoghese, I.; Galletta, M.; Leiter, M. P.; Finco, G.; D'aloja, E.; Campagna, M.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Occupational exposure to ionizing radiation and risk of lymphoma subtypes: Results of the Epilymph European case-control study2020Satta, G.; Loi, M.; Becker, N.; Benavente, Y.; De Sanjose, S.; Foretova, L.; Staines, A.; Maynadi...e, M.; Nieters, A.; Meloni, F.; Pilia, I.; Campagna, M.; Pau, M.; Zablotska, L. B.; Cocco, P.ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
Characterization of hand forces exerted during non-powered hospital bed pushing and pulling tasks2020Leban, Bruno; Fabbri, D; Lecca, L I; Uras, M; Monticone, M; Porta, M; Pau, M; Campagna, MINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND ERGONOMICS
The dark and the light side of the expatriate's cross-cultural adjustment: A novel framework including perceived organizational support, work related stress and innovation2020Giorgi, G.; Lecca, L. I.; Ariza-Montes, A.; Massimo, C. D.; Campagna, M.; Finstad, G. L.;, G.; Mucci, N.SUSTAINABILITY
Influence of trajectory and gender on pushing-pulling forces when maneuvering beds in actual hospital paths2019Leban, B.; Lecca, L. I.; Fabbri, D.; Campagna, M.; Pau, M.MATERIALS TODAY: PROCEEDINGS
Particle background levels in human tissues - PABALITH project. Part I: a nanometallic study of metal-based micro- and nanoparticles in liver and kidney in an Italian population group2019Locci, Emanuela; Pilia, Ilaria; Piras, Roberto; Pili, Sergio; Marcias, Gabriele; Cocco, Pierluigi...; De Giorgio, Fabio; Bernabei, Manuele; Brusadin, Valentina; Allegrucci, Laura; Bandiera, Alessandra; D'Aloja, Ernesto; Sabbioni, Enrico; Campagna, MarcelloJOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH
Association between burnout and sense of coherence among speech and language therapists: an exploratory study in Italy2019Galletta, M; Portoghese, I; Frau, Nicola; Pau, M; Meloni, Francesco; Finco, G; Contu, P; Campagna..., M.ACTA BIOMEDICA
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