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Quantifying gait impairment in individuals affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease: the usefulness of gait profile score and gait variable score2020COGHE, GIANCARLO; PAU, MASSIMILIANO; Elena, Mamusa; PISANO, CINZIA; Federica, Corona; PILLONI, GI...USEPPINA; PORTA, MICAELA; Giovanni, Marrosu; Alessandro, Vannelli; FRAU, JESSICA; LOREFICE, LORENA; FENU, GIUSEPPE; MARROSU, MARIA GIOVANNA; COCCO, ELEONORADISABILITY AND REHABILITATION
The impact of modifiable risk factors on lesion burden in patients with early multiple sclerosis2020Lorefice, L; Destro, F; Fenu, G; Mallus, M; Gessa, I; Sechi, V; Barracciu, MA; Frau, J; Coghe, G;... Carmagnini, D; Marrosu, MG; Saba, L; Cocco, E.MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
The impact of deep grey matter volume on cognition in Multiple Sclerosis2020Lorefice, L.; Carta, E.; Frau, J.; Contu, F.; Casaglia, E.; Coghe, G.; Barracciu, M. A.; Cocco, E....; Fenu, G.MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Multiple sclerosis and HLA genotypes: A possible influence on brain atrophy2019Lorefice, Lorena; Fenu, Giuseppe; Sardu, Claudia; Frau, Jessica; Coghe, Giancarlo; Costa, Gianna;... Schirru, Lucia; Secci, Maria Antonietta; Sechi, Vincenzo; Barracciu, Maria Antonietta; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Cocco, EleonoraMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
Is There Any Relationship between Upper and Lower Limb Impairments in People with Multiple Sclerosis? A Kinematic Quantitative Analysis2019Coghe, Giancarlo; Corona, Federica; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Porta, Micaela; Frau, Jessica; Lorefice,... Lorena; Fenu, Giuseppe; Cocco, Eleonora; Pau, MassimilianoMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS INTERNATIONAL
Association between brain atrophy and cognitive motor interference in multiple sclerosis2018Coghe, Giancarlo; Fenu, Giuseppe; Lorefice, Lorena; Zucca, Erica; Porta, Micaela; Pilloni, Giusep...pina; Corona, Federica; Frau, Jessica; Giovanna Marrosu, Maria; Pau, Massimiliano; Cocco, EleonoraMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Localized pigmentation disorder after subcutaneous pegylated interferon beta-1a injection2018COGHE, GIANCARLO; ATZORI, LAURA; FRAU, JESSICA; FENU, GIUSEPPE; LOREFICE, LORENA; MARROSU, MARIA ...GIOVANNA; COCCO, ELEONORAMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
Texting while walking differently alters gait patterns in people with multiple sclerosis and healthy individuals2018Pau, Massimiliano; Corona, Federica; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Porta, Micaela; Coghe, Giancarlo; Cocco..., EleonoraMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Validation of the Arm Profile Score in assessing upper limb functional impairments in people with multiple sclerosis2018Corona, Federica; Gervasoni, Elisa; Coghe, Giancarlo; Cocco, Eleonora; Ferrarin, Maurizio; Pau, M...assimiliano; Cattaneo, DavideCLINICAL BIOMECHANICS
Cognition in multiple sclerosis: Between cognitive reserve and brain volume2018Fenu, G.; Lorefice, L.; Arru, M.; Sechi, V.; Loi, L.; Contu, F.; Cabras, F.; Coghe, G.; Frau, J.;... Fronza, Marzia; Sbrescia, G.; Lai, V.; Boi, M.; Mallus, S.; Murru, S.; Porcu, A.; Barracciu, M. A.; Marrosu, M. G.; Cocco, E.JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES
Brain volume in early MS patients with and without IgG oligoclonal bands in CSF2018Fenu, G.; Lorefice, L.; Sechi, V.; Loi, L.; Contu, F.; Cabras, F.; Coghe, G.; Frau, J.; Secci, M.... A.; Melis, C.; Schirru, L.; Costa, G.; Melas, V.; Arru, M.; Barracciu, M. A.; Marrosu, M. G.; Cocco, E.MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Intrathecal oligoclonal bands synthesis in multiple sclerosis: is it always a prognostic factor?2018Frau, Jessica; Villar, Luisa Maria; Sardu, Claudia; Secci, Maria Antonietta; Schirru, Lucia; Ferr...aro, Diana; Coghe, Giancarlo; Lorefice, Lorena; Fenu, Giuseppe; Bedin, Roberta; Sola, Patrizia; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Cocco, EleonoraJOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY
Long-term follow-up more than 10 years after HSCT: a monocentric experience2018Frau, Jessica; Carai, Margherita; Coghe, Giancarlo; Fenu, Giuseppe; Lorefice, Lorena; la Nasa, Gi...orgio; Mamusa, Elena; Vacca, Adriana; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Cocco, EleonoraJOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY
Quantitative assessment of the effects of 6 months of adapted physical activity on gait in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial2018Pau, Massimiliano; Corona, Federica; Coghe, Giancarlo; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Loi, A; Crisafulli, ...Antonio; Concu, A; Galli, M; Marrosu, MARIA GIOVANNA; Cocco, EleonoraDISABILITY AND REHABILITATION
Exploring cognitive motor interference in multiple sclerosis by the visual Stroop test2018Coghe, Giancarlo; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Zucca, Erica; Porta, Micaela; Corona, Federica; Frau, Jess...ica; Fenu, Giuseppe; Lorefice, Lorena; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Pau, Massimiliano; Cocco, EleonoraMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Performance in daily activities, cognitive impairment and perception in multiple sclerosis patients and their caregivers2018Fenu, G.; Fronza, M.; Lorefice, L.; Arru, M.; Coghe, G.; Frau, J.; Marrosu, M. G.; Cocco, E.BMC NEUROLOGY
Fatigue, as measured using the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale, is a predictor of processing speed improvement induced by exercise in patients with multiple sclerosis: data from a randomized controlled trial2018Coghe, Giancarlo; Corona, Federica; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Fenu, Giuseppe; Frau, Jessica; Lorefice..., Lorena; Crisafulli, Antonio; Galli, Manuela; Concu, Alberto; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Pau, Massimiliano; Cocco, EleonoraJOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY
‘Timed up and go’ and brain atrophy: a preliminary MRI study to assess functional mobility performance in multiple sclerosis2017Lorefice, L; Coghe, G; Fenu, G; Porta, M; Pilloni, G; Frau, J; Corona, F; Sechi, V; Barracciu, MA...; Marrosu, MG; Pau, M; Cocco, EJOURNAL OF NEUROLOGYDr. Dietrich Steinkopff Verlag GmbH and Co. KG
Kinematic analysis of “hand-to-mouth” task in people with Multiple Sclerosis2017Corona, F; Pau, M; Gervasoni, E; Coghe, G; Cocco, E; Cattaneo, DMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
Smoothness of gait, but not spatio-temporal parameters, are altered in early stages of Multiple Sclerosis2017Pau, M; Mandaresu, S; Porta, M; Corona, F; Pilloni, G; Coghe, G; Lorefice, L; Cocco, EMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
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