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EMiNet: The Entrepreneurial Mind: Network Exploration of Knowledge Structures

The project is developed in collaboration with the CRS4 (Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia). It aims at systematizing a procedure enabling the exploration and interpretation of knowledge structures in entrepreneurship domain.

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 2012- present

The human side of biotechnology: Ideas generation and organizational creativity in biotech

The project has been carried out at the individual level with a focus on cognitive structure. The aim is to understand the topological features that characterize people involved in innovative activities (e.g. run a business).


Development of a model to disentangle the innovative capacity of research-driven firms

The project aims at understanding the mutual relationship among individual, organizational and environmental variables that foster the innovative capacity of a firm operating in a research-driven sector. The focus was on people entrepreneurial potential, an outcome that can help to explain an innovative organizational behavior.


Entrepreneurship and Creativity Camp

The research project was developed in collaboration with Res-Psicologica and Meta-Group srl, granted by the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna. The aim was to understand the connection between creativity, as dispositional trait, and entrepreneurial intentions with a focus on self-efficacy and social capital as intervening variables of the investigated relationship.

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