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My research is in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. My interests are in studying the mechanisms behind the choice of becoming an entrepreneur, with a specific aim of understanding how we can use this knowledge to develop and assess entrepreneurial education programs.

In this context, my attention is paid to better understand how people self-regulate their entrepreneurial learning processes, in formal and informal training contexts.

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Ricercatore a tempo determinato
Scientific Disciplinary Area:
Scienze economiche e statistiche
Scientific Disciplinary Sector:
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche ed Aziendali
Email - Tel. 070/675-3384
Via Sant’Ignazio, ingresso 74; 2° Piano; studio n. 8 - tel. 070.6753374
Office hours:
Lunedì dalle ore 16:00 alle ore 18:00 (per appuntamento)

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C.F.: 80019600925 - P.I.: 00443370929
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