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Titolo: Planning Support Tools: Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Informatics and Urban and Regional Planning INPUT2012
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: This book contains the essays of the INPUT 2012 Conference organized as follows. In the introductory section the Editors of this book propose six position papers concerning general issues related to the Conference’s themes: Michele Campagna treats Planning Support Systems and related open issues for research, education and the planning practice, Andrea De Montis argues on key issues concerning human settlemnts in rural-urban settings and emerging from the INPUT 2012 Conference. Moreover, Federica Isola describes the role of regional governance in planning processes, Sabrina Lai's contribution concerns spatial visualization in planning-related research and the INPUT 2012 Conference. Cheti Pira’s essay is about key elements in the SEA process, and, finally, Corrado Zoppi addresses the question of planning theory and practice and the INPUT 2012 Conference. Five other position papers by the invited speakers complete the introductory session, , as follows: Alison Brown proposes a reflection on challenges of development and underdevelopment in a globalizing world, Arnaldo Cecchini addresses new technologies in the INPUT 2012 Conference’s environment, Robert Laurini discusses the importance of spatial relationships for geographic ontologies, Bin Jiang treats the computational issues related to the image of the city, and Yap Kioe Sheng's essay is about housing the poor in the Asia's globalized cities. The following sections of the book are articulated according to the Conference’s themes, as follows: - Section one: Accessibility and planning; - Section two: Assessment of public programs; - Section three: Cultural heritage; - Section four: Landscape planning; - Section five: Landscape, rural and urban planning; - Section six: Planning support systems; - Section seven: Remote sensing; - Section eight: ICT as a tool to support planning processes: the case of Sardinia; - Section nine: Spatial data analysis; - Section ten: Spatial statistics; - Section eleven: Considering 3D in spatial planning and geo-information delivery; - Section twelve: From location-aware technologies to open data: toward a new urban research agenda; - Section thirteen: Innovation in spatial governance; - Section fourteen: Safer and accessible cities; - Section fifteen: Smart people in smart cities; - Section sixteen: The spatial strategies of the Italian Regions; - Section seventeen: Tools and methods for sustainability in planning processes; - Section eighteen: Sustainable development; - Section nineteen: Transports and logistics; - Section twenty: Transport planning; - Section twenty-one: Trends in Strategic environmental assessment; - Section twenty-two: Urban planning and innovation potentially included in Strategic environmental assessment; - Section twenty-three: Urban development management. All the Conference’ essays were reviewed through a double-blind peer refereeing process.
ISBN: 9788856875973
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