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Titolo: Strategic environmental assessment approach: governance and planning
Data di pubblicazione: 26-mar-2012
Abstract: The dissertation is framed within the topics of regional governance and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Compared to its relationship with governance the SEA may be defined as a set of rules, principles, techniques and tools with the function of supporting the decision making process. The evaluation process is strategically relevant when applying the principles of environmental sustainability to regional and urban planning. SEA is a fundamental instrument for the environmental integration during the elaboration and adoption of plans; SEA offers an opportunity to bring about a real change of attitude and culture at strategic levels into strategic decision-making process; SEA, according to the Directive 2001/42/EC, provides the most adequate opportunity to integrate different regional planning methods. The dissertation mechanisms of regional governance, defined as the process involving the formation and implementation of decisions. The objective of this study is to analyse the relationships between the various stakeholders and governmental institutions, with the aim of defining in what terms, with reference to regional governance, the theoretical principles of sustainable development (in terms of managing the relationship between natural resources and economic development) can be applied to the planning phases. The main aim is to build a framework for sequential activities in the planning process, of a new model of governance able to relate to different levels of government, from a political level to a local level. The Sardinian case study contains some interesting aspects of planning and evaluation processes currently under way, which could be exported and developed further. However, it does suffer from several inconsistencies which are highlighted by the Directive 2001/42/EC. The innovative aspect of the research project, respect to the current planning situation of the SEA and the planning procedures, consists in the creation of a Protocol for the integration of the two approaches related to the construction of the plan and the activation process of SEA. In particular in the construction of system to accompany and support the government in adapting the plans, and secondly to support local authorities in the definition of strategic choices. Don’t exist in Sardinia a guidance for SEA process of general plan, This Guidance is intended to be valid for all plans from regional to urban plans by defining a decisional process where the SEA is part of the plan, creating a process more inclusive of aspects of environmental and public consultation. The involvement of consulting the public and authorities with environmental responsibilities is the goal of the new model of the assessment process.
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