Maurizio Atzori was born in 1978 in Italy. He graduated in Computer Science (Informatica) summa cum laude in 2002, from the University of Pisa. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the School for Graduate Studies “Galileo Galilei”, University of Pisa, obtained in 2006. He has been member of the ISTI-CNR, holding a research fellowship from CNR of Pisa, and a member of Knowledge Discovery and Delivery Laboratory. He has been visiting scholar at Purdue University (Indiana, USA), working with Prof. Christopher W. Clifton and his research team. He has been visiting resercher working with Prof. Yucel Saygin at Sabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey) and at UCLA, collaborating with Prof. Carlo Zaniolo. Since December 2010 he is permanent faculty at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari (Italy), Associate Professor since November 2018.

He has been recipient of a Google Research Award, winter 2015 (co-PI with Prof. Carlo Zaniolo, UCLA). The founded project Exploiting Structured Queries in Question Answering and Search got extended coverage on local press such as (Italian). His WWW12 work on SWiPE: Searching Wikipedia By Example described by international magazine New Scientist, ZDNet, KurzweilAI, Communications of the ACM and translated in several languages (including Chinese, Japanese, Russian) and featured in main national newspapers and tech magazines worldwide.

He has been PC co-Chair of IEEE AIKE 2018 and SEBD 2020, and General co-Chair of IEEE AIKE 2019.

His major research interests regard semantic web, nlp, knowledge graphs and privacy-preserving algorithms for data management.

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