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Titolo: Improvement of Disc Cutter Performance by Water Jet Assistance
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: Abstract This article deals with the problem of assisting disc cutters by means of high-velocity jets of water, with the aim of increasing the excavation rate while improving the working conditions, with particular reference to wear. The results of an experimental research undertaken at the Waterjet Laboratory of the University of Cagliari on a medium–hard abrasive rock clearly show that a higher removal rate is achieved owing to the weakening action of a jet directed on one side of the disc, causing deeper penetration. This outcome is interpreted on the basis of the scale formation model, which explains why smaller scales are obtained on the water jet’s side of the groove. Accordingly, it is suggested that the results can be further improved if the jet is directed ahead of the tool along the same path, since, in this way, larger scales can be produced on both sides.
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