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Titolo: Theranostic applications of fluorescent liquid crystalline nanoparticles
Data di pubblicazione: 31-mar-2016
Abstract: Lipid liquid crystalline nanoparticles can find application as nanocarriers in several fields of the daily life but, very likely, the pharmaceutical arena is the most relevant. Indeed, several problems encountered in drugs administration (e.g. critical sideeffects from antitumor drugs) require alternative, less invasive, but simultaneously efficient therapeutic routes to be explored. Novel fields of personalized nanomedicine are developing in this direction. One of the most interesting is theranostic, which calls for the design of platforms capable of combining therapeutic and diagnostic functionalities. In this optic, we explored the potential of monoolein-based cubosomes and hexosomes as nanocarriers for theranostic purposes. Our work focussed on the design of lipid nanoparticles able to deliver antineoplastic drugs and imaging probes for fluorescent optical in vitro and in vivo imaging. We developed cubosome formulations loaded with antineoplastic drugs and useful for the fluorescence imaging of cells. Such formulations were also actively targeted to cancer cells and coupled with a NIR-emitting fluorophore, which was the promise for in vivo applications. We also investigated hexosomes with encouraging results encapsulating in their lipid matrix a BODIPY derivative with solvatochromic properties, helpful for the understanding of the dye localization. Importantly, we reported (manuscript submitted) the first proof-of-principle for in vivo fluorescence optical imaging application using monoolein-based cubosomes in a healthy mouse animal model. Finally, since relatively little is known about the interaction of cubosomes with biological systems, their effects on lipid droplets, mitochondria and lipid profile of HeLa cells were deeply studied. This thesis is divided in two main parts. The introduction section reports on the essential background of the research field, and it is followed by the publications (published or submitted) resulting from these three years of work.
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