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Titolo: Non-Uniform FFT and Its Applications in Particle Simulations
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: Ewald summation method, based on Non-Uniform FFTs (ENUF) to compute the electrostatic interactions and forces, is implemented in two different particle simulation schemes to model molecular and soft matter, in classical all-atom Molecular Dynamics and in Dissipative Particle Dynamics for coarse-grained particles. The method combines the traditional Ewald method with a non-uniform fast Fourier transform library (NFFT), making it highly efficient. It scales linearly with the number of particles as , while being both robust and accurate. It conserves both energy and the momentum to float point accuracy. As demonstrated here, it is straight- forward to implement the method in existing computer simulation codes to treat the electrostatic interactions either between point-charges or charge distributions. It should be an attractive alternative to mesh-based Ewald methods.
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