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Titolo: Metallation reactions XXVII. Metallation of (methylthio)anilines
Data di pubblicazione: 2001
Abstract: The metallation reactions of (methylthio)anilines with organolithium reagents and with the butyllithium-potassium tert-butoxide superbasic mixture are here described. The results show that the para isomer when treated with butyllithium gave a mixture of products with no selectivity. Using tert-butyllithium or superbases we obtained the substitution of the thiomethyl hydrogen. Moreover, superbase allowed to prepare the disubstituted product with the new groups in the thiomethyl and in ortho to this group. On the other side, both or tho and meta isomers were lithiated at the thiomethyl carbon by butyllithium and the other reagents. Starting from the unalkylated amine we prepared through three successive one-pot monometallations N, N -disubstituted amines with equal or different groups and bearing an alkylthio chainas long as wanted. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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