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Titolo: Ultrasonic measurements of contact area and pressure distribution of a pneumatic tire on a rigid surface
Data di pubblicazione: 2008
Abstract: Contact phenomena which occur at the tire-ground interface play a crucial role in most issues related to optimal performances of the vehicle, safety, comfort, and energy consumption. Thus, it is essential to have available experimental tools capable of supplying detailed information about the main contact parameters (size and shape of nominal contact area and contact pressure distribution), especially when unknown or unpredictable external conditions make it difficult to use numerical tools in assessing them. Although a number of laboratory techniques have been devised to address this problem, here we propose a novel approach that exploits the property of ultrasonic waves to be differently reflected by a contact interface depending on its stress state. This noninvasive method is capable of supplying in real-time detailed maps of contact conditions as well as quantitative information with regard to geometric features of the contact area and contact pressure distribution values after suitable postprocessing procedures. This study reports the results of the application of the ultrasonic method in the case of contact of a motor-bicycle tire on a rigid surface. A number of tests were carried out under different conditions with regard to inflation pressure and applied load. In each case, the raw reflection data were converted into graphic maps that display the contact area features and contain information about contact pressure. Moreover, to assess the quantitative reliability of the technique, ultrasonic data were compared with those obtained by means of a commercial pressure-sensitive film. The results are discussed to evaluate the capability of the ultrasonic method to correctly capture contact patch features.
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