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Titolo: Misurare Innestare Comporre. Architetture storiche e progetto = Measure Graft Compose. Historical architectures and design
Data di pubblicazione: 2016
Abstract: Although it has now been in discussion for over sixty years, the relationship between ancient and contemprary architecture is still relevant today. It is a highly complex topic, where the right balance between Architectural and Urban Design and Restoration can produce accurate and high-quality results. For this purpose, the text explores the topic through a multi-scale interdisciplinary approach, which also touches on the international debate, in search of a methodological foundation from which to interpret and direct the design for historical architecture. The desing looks at the present through the past, giving new meaning to places, buildings and shapes and providing informed answers with the ever-increasing speed that the contemporary city demands.
ISBN: 978-88-6741-666-0
Tipologia:3.1 Monografia o trattato scientifico

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