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Titolo: Apical periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases: previous findings and ongoing research
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
Abstract: Aim: (i) To discuss the possibility that dental infections in general, and endodontic infections (apical periodontitis) more specifically, may affect cardiovascular health, (ii) which preventive measures should be adopted during the treatment of endodontic infections for infective endocarditis (IE), and (iii) What should be the priorities for future research, in the light of the literature available. Methodology: A literature review was performed. Results and Conclusions: (i) Poor oral health and endodontic infections are associated with cardiovascular diseases, and endodontic infection appears to be associated with initial endothelial damage, (ii) preventive measures for IE should be adopted during endodontic treatment of patients at risk for cardiovascular events according to the American and European available official guidelines, and (iii) more research focused on apical periodontitis and systemic diseases is needed
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