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Titolo: Meshed Distribution Networks to increase the maximum allowable Distributed Generation capacity
Data di pubblicazione: 2005
Abstract: The need for more flexible and secure electric systems, the changing in the regulatory and economic scenarios, the importance of harnessing energy savings and minimizing environmental impacts have been providing the impetus for an intensive exploitation of Distributed Generation (DG). Such exploitation is leading to a new paradigm for the distribution system, often summarised with the concept of active network. Active network, in opposition to traditional passive distribution systems, which have only to supply end users, means a distribution system where customers, power producers and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) actively interact to sell or purchase energy and to manage and operate the network. Active networks in their ultimate arrangement may receive benefits from the adoption of meshed topology in opposition to the dominant radial scheme and for this reason the investigation on meshed networks performances with high level of distributed generation may be very useful. As well known, meshed networks may have positive effects on power losses, on voltage regulation, on network reliability, and on the exploitation of lines and substation transformers. All these benefits can be advantageously used to defer investments in distribution networks, but it is necessary to investigate at what extent meshed networks can be useful to accommodate more DG and whether such a revolutionary change can be really economically convenient. The main idea of the paper is to investigate on possible technical and economical benefits achievable with the transformation from radial to weakly meshed networks. Studies have been performed on a benchmark network, based on a real Italian distribution network, by using a specific software tool developed by the authors to solve distribution planning problems. The distribution planning studies allows identifying the reference network for both radial and meshed case and defining different optimal development strategies able to minimise the cost of energy losses, of network upgrading, and of service interruptions.
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