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My current scientific research is carried out in the research group of Applied Inorganic Chemistry, involving Vito Lippolis, Francesco Isaia, M. Carla Aragoni, Claudia Caltagirone, and Alessandra Garau.

My research interests involve:

a) Interaction of sulfur, selenium, and nitrogen-rich donors with molecolar acceptors such as halogens, interhalogenic compounds, and transition metal ions.

b) Synthesis and characterization of metal 1,2-dithiolene complexes for ICT and NLO applications.

c) Synthesis of coordination polymers deriving from polypyridine spacers and coordinative unsaturated metal complexes.

d) Synthesis and development of ionophores and molecular sensors for meta catione and inorganica anions for fluorimetric applications, ion-selective electrodes, and transport of metal ions through organic membranes.

e) QM calculations and CAMD mainly based on the Density Functional Theory.

f) Synthesis, experimental, and theoretical characterization of inorganica substrates for the restoration of calcareous artifact of hysterical interest.

g) Multiplatform coding and software development for the analysis of experimental or theoretical data: Specpeak 2.0 for the analysis of spectrophotometric sets of data, GaussFreq 2003 for the analysis of vibrational calculations carried out by means of Gaussian 92/94/98/03/09.

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