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Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Inorganic Salts as Protection and Consolidation Agents of Stone Substrates: an Experimental and Theoretical Study2014Aragoni M C; Arca M; Lippolis V; Maiore L; Pintus A; Tuveri E; Carcangiu G; Cocco O; Meloni P; Mu...rru A
Gold complexes as antimicrobial agents2014Maiore, Laura; Arca, Massimiliano; Cinellu, M. A.; Orru, Germano; Tuveri, E.
New aminotetrazole derivatives as hydrogen bonding catalysts. A green and selective oxidation of organosulphides with H2O2 in H2O2014Secci F; Arca M; Frongia A; Piras P PNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Structural Features in A-B-C Fragments (A, B, C = halogen and chalcogen atoms): “Halogen-Bonding” vs. “Chalcogen-Bonding2014V. Lippolis; M.C. Aragoni; M. Arca; F.A. Devillanova; F. Isaia
Structural Features in A-B-C Fragments (A,B,C = Halogen and Chalcogens Atoms): "Halogen Bonding" vs. "Chalcoogen Bonding"2014Aragoni M C; Arca M; Devillanova F A; Isaia F; Lippolis VPoliscript - Politecnico di Milano, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano
Tetrazole Amides as Hydrogen-Bonding Donor Catalysts in the Chemoselective Oxidation of Sulphides and Disulphides2014Secci F; Arca M; Frongia A; Piras PPCATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Searching for new aluminium chelating agents: a family of hydroxypyrone ligands2014Toso L; Crisponi G; Nurchi VM; Crespo Alonso M; Lachowicz JI; Mansoori D; Arca M; Santos MA; Marq...ues S; Gano L; Niclós Gutíerrez J; González Pérez JM; Domínguez Martín A; Choquesillo Lazarte D; Szewczuk DJOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY
New PtII diimine-dithiolate complexes containing a 1,2-dithiolate-1,2-closo-dicarbadodecarborane: an experimental and theoretical investigation2014Pintus A; Aragoni M C; Coles S J; Coles S L; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Musteti A D; Teixidor F; Viñas ...C; Arca MDALTON TRANSACTIONS
From (phenylsulfanyl)cycloalkanecarbaldehydes to optically active spirocyclic tetrahydrofurans: stereospecific resolution of symmetric aldehydes through (S)-proline-catalysed aldol reaction2014Secci F; Frongia A; Rubanu MG; Sechi ML; Sarais G; Arca M; Piras PPEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Reactivity of the drug methimazole and its iodine adduct with elemental zinc2014Isaia F; Aragoni M C; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Garau A; Jones P; Lippolis V; Montis RCRYSTENGCOMM
A fluorescent ratiometric nanosized system for the determination of PdII in water2014Arca M; Caltagirone C; De Filippo G; Formica M; Fusi V; Giorgi L; Lippolis V; Prodi L; Rampazzo E...; Scorciapino M A; Sgarzi M; Zaccheroni NCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
1,2-Dichalcogenolene Ligands and Related Metal Complexes2013ARCA M; ARAGONI M C; PINTUS ARSC Publishing
Formation of T-Shaped versus Charge-Transfer Molecular Adducts in the Reactions Between Bis(thiocarbonyl) Donors and Br2 and I22013Mancini A; Aragoni M C; Bricklebank N; Castellano C; Demartin F; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Pintus A; A...rca MCHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
First Example of 1:1 Vanadium (IV)-Citrate Complex Featuring 2,2'-Bipyridine Co-ligand: Synthesis, X-Ray Crystal Structure and DFT Calculations2013Jodaian, V; Mirzaei, M; Arca, Massimiliano; Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Lippolis, Vito; Tavakoli, E; La...ngeroodi, S. N.INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA
Recent advances of structural chemistry of organoselenium and organotellurium compounds’2013W. Nakanishi; S. Hayashi; M. Hashimoto; M. Arca; M. C. Aragoni; LIPPOLIS VJohn Wiley & sons
Metal oxidative dissolution by (S-donor)-I2 adducts2013F. Isaia; M.C. Aragoni; M. Arca; C. Caltagirone; A. Garau; LIPPOLIS VUNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands
Gold oxidative dissolution by (thioamide)-I2 adducts2013Isaia F; Aragoni MC; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Demartin F; Garau A; Lippolis VDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Marked increase in PROP taste responsiveness following oral supplementation with selected salivary proteins or their related free amino acids2013Melis M; Aragoni MC; Arca M; Cabras T; Caltagirone C; Castagnola M; Crnjar R; Messana I; Tepper B...J; Tomassini Barbarossa IPLOS ONE
Zn+2/Cd+2 optical discrimination by fluorescent chemosensors based on 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives and sulfur-containing macrocyclic units2013Aragoni M C; Arca M; Bencini A; Caltagirone C; Garau A; Isaia F; Light M E; Lippolis V; Lodeiro C...; Mameli M; Montis R; Mostallino M C; Pintus A; Puccioni SDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Design, synthesis, and quantum-mechanical modeling of inorganic salts as protection and consolidation agents of stone substrates2013Maiore, Laura; Tuveri, Enrica; Aragoni, Maria Carla; Lippolis, Vito; Pintus, Anna; Meloni, Paola;... G., Carcangiu; Murru, Arianna; Cocco, Ombretta; Arca, Massimiliano
Reactivity of fluoro-substituted bis(thiocarbonyl) donors with diiodine: an XRD, FT-Raman, and DFT Investigation2013Mancini, Annalisa; Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Bingham, Al; Castellano, C; Coles, Sl; Demartin, F; Hurs...thouse, Mb; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Maninchedda, G; Pintus, Anna; Arca, MassimilianoCHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
Bis(2-methylpyridyl)alkyl(thioalkyl)diamines as promising scaffolds for the construction of fluorescent and redox chemosensors for transition and post-transition metal ions2012Aragoni M; Montis R; Arca M; Bazzicalupi C; Blake A. J.; Caltagirone C.; De Filippo G.; Garau A.;... Gratteri P.; Isaia F.; Lippolis V.; Pintus A.INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA
Adducts of S/Se donors with dihalogens as a source of information for categorizing the halogen bonding.2012Aragoni M C; Arca M; Devillanova F A; Isaia F; Lippolis VCRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN
Reactivity of phosphonodithioato-dppt NiII mixed ligand complexes with halogens: first example of a metal-coordinating tribromide anion2012Aragoni M C; Arca M; Coles (neé Huth) S L; Devillanova F A; Hursthouse M B; Isaia F; Lippolis VDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Structural and DFT studies of dibromine and diiodine adducts of a sulfur-rich thiocarbonyl donor2012Mancini A.; Pala L.; Aragoni M; Arca M.; Devillanova F. A.; Hursthouse M. B.; Light M. E.; Skabar...a P. J.; Bricklebank N.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Cationic and Anionic 1-D Chains Based on NH+···N Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds in Bipyridyl Derivatives and Polyiodides2012Aragoni M C; Arca M; Caltagirone M; Castellano C; Demartin F; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Monti...s R; Pintus ACRYSTENGCOMM
Structure-property relationships in PtII diimine-dithiolate nonlinear optical chromophores based on aryl-ethylene-1,2-dithiolate and 2-thioxothiazoline-4,5-dithiolate.2012Pintus A; Aragoni MC; Bellec N; Devillanova FA; Lorcy D; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Randall RAM; Roisne...l T; Slawin AMZ; Woollins JD; Arca MEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Gold(III) Complexes of Asymmetrically Aryl-Substituted 1,2-Dithiolene Ligands Featuring Potential-Controlled Spectroscopic Properties: An Insight into the Electronic Properties of bis(Pyren-1-yl-ethylene-1,2- dithiolato)Gold (III)2011Aragoni M C; Arca M; Devillanova F A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Pintus ACHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
CT-adduct vs. pyridinium polyhalide salt formation in the reactions between polypyridyl donors and dihalogens: reactivity of 1,4-di-(3'-pyridylethynyl)benzene towards Br2 and I2”2011Aragoni M C; Arca M; Coles S J; Devillanova F A; Hursthouse M B; Coles (née Huth) S L; Isaia F; L...ippolis V; Mancini ACRYSTENGCOMM
New group 11 complexes with metal–selenium bonds of methyldiphenylphosphane selenide: a solid state, solution and theorethical investigation2011Pop A; Silvestru A; Gimeno M C; Laguna A; Kulcsar M; Arca M; Lippolis V; Pintus ADALTON TRANSACTIONS
A unique case of oxidative addition of interhalogens IX (X=Cl, Br) to organodiselone ligands: nature of the chemical bonding in asymmetric I-Se-X polarised hypervalent systems2011Aragoni MC; Juarez-Pérez EJ; Arca M; Blake AJ; Devillanova FA; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Nuñe...z R; Pintus A; Wilson CCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Oxidative properties of iodine-adducts of propylthiouracil and methimazole: direct synthesis of mercury(II) complexes from the reaction with liquid mercury2011Isaia F; Aragoni MC; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Castellano C; Demartin F; Garau A; Lippolis V; Pintus ADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Homopolynuclear Tl(I) and heteropolynuclear Au(I)-Tl(I) complexes with organodiselone ligands: activation of the luminescence by intermetallic interactions2011M. ARCA; T. AROZ; M. C. GIMENO; M. KULCSAR; A. LAGUNA; T. LASANTA; LIPPOLIS V; J. M. LÓPEZ-DE-LUZ...URIAGA; M.L MONGE; M. E. OLMOSEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Colorimetric response to anions by a "robust" copper(II) complex of a [9]aneN3 pendant arm derivative: CN- and I- selective sensing2011M. Aguado Tetilla; M. C. Aragoni; M. Arca; C. Caltagirone; C. Bazzicalupi; A. Bencini; A. Garau; ...F. Isaia; A. Laguna; V. Lippolis ;V. MeliCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
An experimental and theoretical investigation on hypervalent organoselenium(II) halides: case study of [2-(Et2NCH2)C6H4]SeX (X = Cl, Br, I)2011A. PÖLLNITZ; LIPPOLIS V; M. ARCA; A. SILVESTRUJOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY
Kojic acid derivatives as powerful chelators for iron(III) and aluminium(III)2011Nurchi, VALERIA MARINA; Lachowicz, JOANNA IZABELA; Crisponi, Guido; Murgia, Sergio; Arca, Massimi...liano; Pintus, Anna; Gans, P; Niclos Gutierrez, J; Domínguez Martín, A; Castineiras, A; Remelli, M; Szewczuk, Z; Lis, T.DALTON TRANSACTIONS
C.T.-Adducts of S/Se donors with di-halogens as a source of information of the nature of the halogen bonding2011F. A. Devillanova; M. C. Aragoni; M. Arca; F. Isaia; V. Lippolis
Syntheses, solid-state structures, solution behaviour of organobismuth(III) compounds [2-(Et2NCH2)C6H4]nBiX3-n and DFT characterization of [2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]nBiX3-n [X = Cl, Br, I; n = 1-3]2010A. SORAN; H.J. BREUNIG; LIPPOLIS V; M. ARCA; C. SILVESTRUJOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY
A selective, nontoxic, OFF-ON fluorescent molecular sensor based on 8-hydroxyquinoline for probing Cd2+ in living cells2010Mameli M; Aragoni MC; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Demartin F; Farruggia G; De Filippo G; Devillanova F...A; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Murgia S; Prodi L; Pintus A; Zaccheroni NCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
New insights into the reaction of the antithyroid drug methimazole with I2 2010F. Isaia; M. C. Aragoni; M. Arca; F. Demartin; F. A. Devillanova; A. Garau; M. B. Hursthouse; V. ...Lippolis; G. Verani
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Gold(III) Complexes of Asymmetrically Aryl-Substituted 1,2-Dithiolene Ligands Featuring Potential-Controlled Spectroscopic Properties2010L. AMBROSIO; M.C. ARAGONI; M. ARCA; F.A. DEVILLANOVA; M.B. HURSTHOUSE; S.L. HUTH; F. ISAIA; V. LI...PPOLIS; A. MANCINI; PINTUS ACHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
Elemental mercury oxidative dissolution by I2-adducts of methimazole and prophylthiouracil2010F. Isaia; M. C. Aragoni; M. Arca; C. Caltagirone; C. Castellano; A. Garau; V. Lippolis; G. VeraniSocietà Chimica Italiana
[Au2(phen2Me)2(μ-O)2](PF6)2, a Novel Dinuclear Gold(III) Complex Showing Excellent Antiproliferative Properties2010Cinellu M A; Maiore L; Manassero M; Casini A; Arca M; Fiebig H H; Kelter G; Michelucci E; Pieracc...ini G; Gabbiani C; Messori LACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS
Synthesis and coordination properties of quinoline pendant arm derivatives of [9]aneN3 and [9]aneN2S as fluorescent Zinc sensors2009MAMELI M; ARAGONI C.M; ARCA M; ATZORI M; BENCINI A; BAZZICALUPI C; BLAKE A.J; CALTAGIRONE C; DEVI...LLANOVA F.A; GARAU A; HURSTHOUSE M.B; ISAIA F; LIPPOLIS V; VALTANCOLI; BINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Molecular Iodine Stabilization in an Extended N center dot center dot center dot I-I center dot center dot center dot N Assembly2009F. ISAIA; M. C. ARAGONI; M. ARCA; F. DEMARTIN; F. A. DEVILLANOVA; G. ENNAS; A. GARAU; V. LIPPOLIS...; A. MANCINI; G. VERANIEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Investigation on the reactivity of dithiophosphonato/dithiophosphato NiII complexes towards 2,4,6-tris-2-pyridyl-1,3,5-triazine: developments and new perspectives2009Aragoni M C; Arca M; Crespo Alonso M; Devillanova F A; Hursthouse M B; Huth S L; Isaia F; Lippoli...s V; Verani GDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Monoorganobismuth(III) dihalides containing the new pincer 2,6-{MeN(CH2CH2)2NCH2}2C6H3 ligand: solution NMR, vibrational and single-crystal X-ray studies2009SORAN A; BREUNIG H. J; LIPPOLIS V; ARCA M; SILVESTRU CDALTON TRANSACTIONS
From mono- to poly-substituted frameworks: a way of tuning the acidic character of Cc-H in o-carborane derivatives2009ALBERTO V. PUGA; FRANCESC TEIXIDOR; REIJO SILLANPÄÄ; RAIKKO KIVEKÄS; ARCA M; GEMMA BARBERÀ; CLARA... VIÑASCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Interaction of Methimazole with I2: X-ray Crystal Structure of the Charge Transfer Complex Methimazole-I2. Implications for the Mechanism of Action of Methimazole-Based Antithyroid Drugs2008F. ISAIA; M.C. ARAGONI; M. ARCA; F. DEMARTIN; F.A. DEVILLANOVA; G. FLORIS; A. GARAU; M.B. HURSTHO...USE; LIPPOLIS V; R. MEDDA; F. OPPO; M. PIRA; G. VERANIJOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
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