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Titolo: Tissue distribution of Ret, GFRalpha-1, GFRalpha-2 and GFRalpha-3 receptors in the human brainstem at fetal, neonatal and adult age
Data di pubblicazione: 2007
Abstract: Occurrence and localization of receptor components of the glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) family ligands, the Ret receptor tyrosine kinase and the GDNF family receptor (GFR) alpha-1 to -3, were examined by immunohistochemistry in the normal human brainstem at fetal, neonatal, and adult age. Immunoreactive elements were detectable at all examined ages with uneven distribution and consistent pattern for each receptor. As a rule, the GFRalpha-1 and GFRalpha-2 antisera produced the most abundant and diffuse tissue labelling. Immunoreactive perikarya were observed within sensory and motor nuclei of cranial nerves, dorsal column nuclei, olivary nuclear complex, reticular formation, pontine nuclei, locus caeruleus, raphe nuclei, substantia nigra, and quadrigeminal plate. Nerve fibers occurred within gracile and cuneate fasciculi, trigeminal spinal tract and nucleus, facial, trigeminal, vestibular and oculomotor nerves, solitary tract, medial longitudinal fasciculus, medial lemniscus, and inferior and superior cerebellar peduncles. Occasionally, glial cells were stained. Age changes were appreciable in the distribution pattern of each receptor. On the whole, in the grey matter, labelled perikarya were more frequently observed in pre- and perinatal than in adult specimens; on the other hand, in discrete regions, nerve fibers and terminals were abundant and showed a plexiform arrangement only in adult tissue; finally, distinct fiber systems in the white matter were immunolabelled only at pre- and perinatal ages. The results obtained suggest the involvement of Ret and GFRalpha receptors signalling in processes subserving both the organization of discrete brainstemneuronal systems during development and their functional activity and maintenance in adult life. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved
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