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Titolo: Competenze relazionali e burnout dei docenti: alcuni risultati di ricerca
Data di pubblicazione: 2009
Abstract: Abstract. In a scholastic environment the educational relationship often involves an elevated emotional load and exposes the teacher to the burnout. The relationship competences of the teachers favor an effective communication and a more balanced relationship with the pupils. This study intends to verify if assertiveness in teachers is able to influence the levels of burnout of the teachers. It also intends to verify if the assertive communicative style is a predictor of the personal achievement of the teachers. 405 teachers completed the Maslach Burnout Inventory and the Profile of Assertiveness by Gillen. The results underline that the teachers in burnout constitute 12, 1% of the sample. From the comparison among the communicative styles of the teachers in burnout and of those characterized by organizational well-being, it emerges that the teachers in burnout result less assertive and tend to use communicative styles that are more centered on passivity. The analysis of the multiple linear regression underlines that the communicative styles characterized by passivity, aggressiveness and lack of assertiveness are predictors of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. It also underlines that the styles characterized by assertiveness and reduced passivity and aggressiveness result predictors of the personal achievement of the teachers.
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