Short CV of Maria Grazia Dongu

Personal data
Date of Birth: 22/03/1960.
Place of birth: Macomer (NU), Sardinia, Italy.

Current Position: Associate Professor of English Literature since 02/10/2006 c/o Department of Philology, Literature, Linguistics, University of Cagliari, via San Giorgio 12, 09128 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

Member of the academic board of the International PhD programme Philological and Literary, Historical and Cultural Studies (established in cooperation with the University of Edinburgh and UNIWERSYTET JAGIELLOŃSKI w KRAKOWIE);

Previous positions: Literature Teacher – secondary schools from 14-10-1985 to 12-01-1998;

Ricercatore Universitario Confermato – English Language and Literature c/o Department of Linguistics from 13/01/1998 to 01/10/2006. Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere- University of Cagliari. Loc. Sa Duchessa. 09131. Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

Member of the academic board of the PhD programme Studi Filologici e Letterari (the University of Cagliari, via Is Mirrionis 1) 2006-2016.


Degree (Laurea) in Lettere cum laude, 12/12/1984, Università di Cagliari, Italy. Degree Thesis: “A Game at Chess by Thomas Middleton: playing in a theatre of mirrors” (it.title: “A Game at Chess di Thomas Middleton, ovvero quando il teatro gioca con gli specchi”), supervisor: prof. Laura Sanna.

PhD in Comparative Literature, 1995, Thesis: “Translating things into words: semeiotic strategies in the English and Spanish chronicles of the discovery and conquest of America” (it. Title:” Dallo sguardo alla parola. Strategie semiche nelle cronache spagnole e inglesi della Scoperta dell’America”), supervisor: prof. Laura Sanna.

Postdoctoral Fellowship (1996-1998), Università di Cagliari, Italy.

Main research subjects
i) Elizabethan, Jacobean, Caroline Theatre.
ii) Travel Literature (sixteenth, eighteenth centuries; nineteenth, twentieth century)

iii) Geography and Literature

iv) Thomas Gray as a poet and prose writer.
v) Biography and autobiography.

Seminars and Conferences

MGD has delivered papers at various national and international conferences (Münich, Florence, Bologna, Cagliari, Helsinki, Vilnius). She delivered papers on William Thomas and cultural mediation; William Thomas as a travel-writer (published in the proceeding of the International Conference held at Bologna University); The construction of Thomas Gray as a poet in a Leghorn anthology (1835) of the Elegy’s translations (published in Letterature Straniere &, 2010); Arundhati Roy: white and black rhetoric in her Essays (published in the proceedings of the Conference held at the University of Cagliari on Language, Cultures and Power); European Intellectual conversations: Thomas Gray and Algarotti (published along with the papers delivered at ESSE Conference in Helsinki 2000, F. Ogée editor, Press: Associated Press 2005); Shakespeare’s adaptations.

MGD has co-organized three international congresses (AIA 2005; “D. H. Lawrence and His Islands”, Cagliari-Perugia 2010; IASEMS 2018).

She organised seminars on interpretative readings and on didactics at the University of Cagliari, and delivered lectures on Thomas Gray’s Letters, Travel Literature, as a member of the academic board of the PhD programme in Studi Filologici e Letterari.

Visiting Positions
Visiting PhD student at the University of Warwick (1991) (she carried out her research work under the supervision of Prof. Susan Bassnett and Sabine Sharkey);

visiting fellow at the University of Warwick (Nov. 1998-January 1999);

visiting academic at the University of Cambridge (January-June 2012)

affiliate academic UCL London (Oct.- Dec 2018)

Research funds
PRIN 1999-2001 (funded by MIUR, Ministry of Education, Universities and Research): “Representations of Italy in British Culture”, directed by Prof. Valentina Poggi (University of Bologna);

2000-2005: Participation in the international project Centre de Recherche sur les representations artistiques et littéraires en XVIIIe siècle, directed by Frédéric Ogée (University Diderot, Paris 7).

2000-2014: Participation in the international project The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council USA), the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (USA), British Academy, and other institutions. (directed by prof. Martin Butler, University of Leeds)

PRIN 2003-2005: “War of Theatres” (funded by MIUR), directed by Prof. M. Domenichelli (University of Florence).

2008 (Research on “Linguistic and Cultural Interplay between Sardinia and Europe”, funded by the Sardinian Government L/7 August 2007).

Current Research projects

“Educating the individual and the public in Early Modern England: from advice letters/books to the stage”;

The construction of female and male personae in Shakespearean plays and in Eighteenth-century rewritings by women writers”.

She is currently serving as a scientific advisor for Gale. The book she is supervising is on Thomas Gray and recent criticism.

MGD has been a referee for various research programs (Italian PRIN MIUR; VQR MIUR; University of Florence).

MGD has been a referee for various journals; among them JEMS, Connotations, Rhesis, Letterature Straniere &, Crossroads.


Mention (AIA BOOK PRIZE 2017): Thomas Gray Ludens: Frammenti dal Grand Tour


1 The Romance of Paulilatino di W. E. Norris (Condaghes, Cagliari, 2003)
2 Naufragi, approdi, ritorni: Morte e rinascita dell’identità nei drammi spagnoli ed inglesi della Conquista (Longo, Ravenna, 2004)

3 Thomas Gray Ludens: Frammenti dal Grand Tour (FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2014)

4 Making History di Brian Friel: narratori sul palco (ETS, Pisa, 2016)

Didactical activity.

MGD has given various kind of courses (in Italian and in English), among them:

– training courses for Literature teachers (held by the University of Cagliari)
– Cultural Conflicts on the stage: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, The Merchant of Venice, Othello;
– Experimental writing in eighteenth-century letters, travel literature, novels;
– Women in Shakespeare/Women read Shakespeare,
– Thomas Gray and the aesthetics of the absence,

– Intellectuals and the First World War (War Poets, Lawrence, Woolf),

– On rewriting and adaptations: an analysis of Richard III by Shakespeare and Making History by Brian Friel,

– From sketch to the novel: the description of the city of London in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries literature.

She has supervised more than 100 theses on English Literature.

Any public engagement/knowledge transfer/impact

Training courses for English Literature Teachers, financially supported by MIUR and held by the University of Cagliari and Sassari. (from 2003 to 2016);

– administrative roles

MGD has been a member of the Faculty’s Auto-evaluation Group for many years. She was in charge with the evaluation of the student’s internship activities (Corso di Laurea in Lingue e Culture per la Mediazione Linguistica) and is currently serving as a tutor to advise postgraduate students (Corso di Laurea di Lingue e Letterature Europee e Americane).



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