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Titolo: Muro Mediterráneo versus movimiento moderno - Mediterranean Wall versus modern architecture
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Citazione: Muro Mediterráneo versus movimiento moderno - Mediterranean Wall versus modern architecture / Martinez Medina A; Sanjust P. - (2014), pp. 1-27.
Abstract: A decade before there was getting up the Atlantic Wall, there was executed a system of defenses along the Mediterranean coast in Spain (1936-39). The recovery of the same constructions (both of his graphical documents) and his putting in value it can help to consolidate an own memory of the 20th century. This work considers to inventory, to measure and to draw the planes of these architectures to fix the memory that is diluted by the erosion of the time. These military defenses place in many borders: are these defenses properly architecture or are these industrial pieces? Are these a modern architecture? These are walking between two worlds: the one that designs lightweight, flexible and outdated and another that builds heavy, rigid and eternal works. These are walking between two epochs too: the one that perpetuates the epic acts in opposite to the one that shows the disasters. Space, time and matter. They are the most modern ruins of our history built with concrete and disguised in the topography: temples and tombs at the same time. In this reconstruction of the memory, there turns out to be crucial the graphical restitution which is the home of knowledge.
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