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Titolo: Selective expression of TLQP-21 and other VGF peptides in gastric neuroendocrine cells and modulation by feeding
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: Although vgf gene knockout mice are hypermetabolic, administration of the VGF peptide TLQP-21 itself increased energy consumption. Agonist-antagonist roles are thus suggested for different VGF peptides, and the definition of their tissue heterogeneity is mandatory. We studied the rat stomach using antisera to C- or N-terminal sequences of known or predicted VGF peptides in immunohistochemistry and ELISA. TLQP (rat VGF(556-565)) peptide/s were most abundant (162+/-11 pmol/g, mean+/-S.E.M.) and were brightly immunostained in enterochromaffin-like (ECL) cells and somatostatin cells. A peptide co-eluting with TLQP-21 was revealed in HPLC of gastric and hypothalamic extracts, while the extended TLQP-62 form was restricted to the hypothalamus. Novel PGH (rat VGF(422-430)) peptide/s were revealed in ghrelin cells, mostly corresponding to low MW forms (0.8-1.5 kDa), while VGF C-terminus peptides were confined to neurons. VGF mRNA was present in the above gastric endocrine cell types, and was prominent in chief cells, in parallel with low-intensity staining for further cleaved products from the C-terminal region of VGF (HVLL peptides: VGF(605-614)). In swine stomach, a comparable profile of VGF peptides was revealed by immunohistochemistry. When fed and fasted rats were studied, a clear-cut, selective decrease on fasting was observed for TLQP peptides only (162+/-11 vs 74+/-5.3 pmol/g, fed versus fasted rats, mean+/-S.E.M., P<0.00001). In conclusion, specific VGF peptides appear to be widely represented in different gastric endocrine and other mucosal cell populations. The selective modulation of TLQP peptides suggests their involvement in peripheral neuro-endocrine mechanisms related to feeding responses and/or ECL cell regulation. Journal of Endocrinology (2010) 207, 329-341
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