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Titolo: Size-Dependent Electron Transfer from Colloidal PbS Nanocrystals to Fullerene
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: We investigate a promising organic/inorganic hybrid composite for solution-processable optoelectronics made by lead sulphide nanoparticles and fullerene derivatives, which combine the sensitivity of PbS to the infrared spectrum with the good electron transport properties of fullerenes. Charge separation is the crucial process that determines whether the heterojunction can be the building block for devices converting photogenerated excitons into free charges flowing in a circuit. Subpicosecond spectroscopy techniques on bulk heterojunctions between PbS nanocrystals of various sizes and [6,6]-phenyl-61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) were employed to reveal the ultrafast dynamics of photoexcited carriers, particularly transfer of photoexcited electrons from nanocrystals to PCBM. Electron transfer is found to critically depend on nanoparticle size, occurring for nanocrystals with diameter 4.4 nm and smaller, not for larger ones. Our findings are relevant to the engineering of hybrid solar cells and light detectors based on PbS nanocrystal/fullerene bulk heterojunctions.
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