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Titolo: Thyroid transcription factor 1 activates the promoter of the tyrothropin receptor gene
Data di pubblicazione: 1993
Abstract: The TSH receptor (TSHr) is one of the most important thyroid differentiation markers. The binding of the TSH hormone to its receptor is an essential step in the modulation of thyroid function and differentiation. Here we report that the thyroid transcription factor 1 (TTF1), a transcription factor essential for thyroid-specific gene expression, binds to the TSHr minimal promoter. The promoter, when mutated at this binding site, shows a decreased activity in thyroid cells. In cotransfection experiments in nonthyroid cells, TTF1 is able to trans-activate the TSHr minimal promoter. This finding strengthens the importance of TTF1 in the maintenance of thyroid differentiation. The promoters of the main thyroid differentiation markers thyroglobulin, thyroperoxidase, and now TSHr, are regulated by TTF1
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