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Titolo: Conversion of benzoic acid into phenol in an ITMS under CI-MSn conditions. Recognition of ortho-chlorobenzoyl derivatives
BEGALA, MICHELA (Primo) (Corresponding)
Data di pubblicazione: 2018
Abstract: Isomeric chlorobenzoyl cations (m/z 139), under collision-induced experiments, fragment identically. Chlorobenzoyl cations can be efficiently converted into cholorophenol radical cations by the reaction with methanol in the ion trap analyzer under CI-MSn conditions. The substitution of the carbonyl group with a hydroxyl moiety is able to induce an ortho effect, which is absent in the startingortho-chlorobenzoyl cation. This transformation could be useful to recognize ortho-chlorinated benzoyl derivatives without the need of MS spectrum comparison of the whole set of isomers. The method reported in this study could be applicable to biologically active molecules that dissociate to form the chlorobenzoyl cations under CI or CI collision-induced dissociation conditions, such as indomethacin, the degradation products from the insect growth regulator 1-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-3-(4-chlorophenyl) urea, and lorazepam
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