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Titolo: Intranigral kainic acid: evidence for nigral non-dopaminergic neurons controlling posture and behavior in a manner opposite to the dopaminergic ones.
Data di pubblicazione: 1978
Abstract: The unilateral, intranigral administration of kainic acid (k.a.) produced a syndrome characterized by early sequelae of contra- and ipsilateral circling and by a chronic contralateral turning associated with moderate loss of neurons in the pars reticulata. The acute contralateral circling seems to be related to dopaminergic nigro-neostriatal neuron stimulation, since it was prevented by previous intranigral injections of 6-OHDA. The acute ipsilateral circling and the chronic contralateral turning, on the other hand, seem to be independent of the integrity of the dopaminergic system and may be due to an initial stimulation, followed by destruction, of a nigral neuronal system which mediates turning behavior in a manner opposite to that of nigro-striatal dopamine. Treatment with D-amphetamine or apomorphine changed the contralateral into ipsilateral turning, while haloperidol potentiated the contralateral turning. Bilateral injection of k.a. into the nigra resulted in chronic stereotyped sniffing and gnawing, which were not inhibited by haloperidol. Moreover, haloperidol did not produce catalepsy in these animals. It is suggested that the intranigral k.a. injection destroyed a neuronal system antagonistic to dopamine and resulted in a reduction of the response to DA-receptor stimulation of the c. striatum.
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