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Titolo: Effective One-Step Removal-Inertization of Hazardous Metals (Cd and Hg) by Environmental Friendly Reagents
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: [HMe2pipdt]I3 (Me2pipdt = N,N′-dimethyl-piperazine-2,3-dithione, 1) is capable to quantitatively dissolve elemental Cd and Hg to produce in a one-step reaction the [CdI(Me 2pipdt)2]I3 (2) and [HgI2(Me 2pipdt)] (3) complexes. Crystals of 2 and 3 have been structurally characterized and crystallize in the P-1 and C2/c space group respectively. In 2 Cd(II) shows a coordination geometry intermediate between the square pyramidal and the trigonal bipyramidal. In 3 Hg(II) adopts a distorted tetrahedral geometry which involves a S,S chelating ligand and two iodine atoms in the coordination sphere. Vibrational spectroscopy findings are in agreement with structural results showing in the far-infrared region to be a diagnostic probe in recognizing triiodides.
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