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Titolo: Sedation and sleep induced by high doses of apomorphine after blockade of D-1 receptors by SCH 23390
Data di pubblicazione: 1985
Abstract: The effect of SCH 23390, a selective blocker of D-1 receptors, on apomorphine-induced behavioural and EEG changes was studied in rats. In control rats, a low dose of apomorphine (50 micrograms/kg s.c.) produced sedation associated with EEG synchronization. A high dose of apomorphine (1 mg/kg s.c.) produced stereotypy associated with EEG desynchronization. At the dose of 1 mg/kg i.p., SCH 23390 decreased motor activity but failed to alter the EEG pattern. The administration of either the low or high dose of apomorphine to SCH 23390-treated rats elicited a marked sedative response associated with EEG synchronization. The EEG synchronization produced by apomorphine (50 micrograms/kg) in SCH 23390-treated rats was prevented by (-)-sulpiride (25 mg/kg i.p.), a D-2 receptor blocker. It is concluded that by preventing the excitatory response to apomorphine SCH 23390 discloses the existence of a population of D-2 receptors mediating sedation and sleep.
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