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Titolo: Gas-phase ion-molecule reaction of alpha-phenylvinyl cation towards substituted benzenes in the enviroment of an ITMS
Data di pubblicazione: 2011
Abstract: Ion-molecule reactions between the α-phenylvinyl cation (α-PVC) and mono-substituted benzenes have been investigated using a quadrople ion-trap mass spectrometer. The α-PVC, generated by chemical ionization from phenylacetilene, was found to react selectively with mono-substituted benzenes bearing electron withdrawing groups to give the product ions [M + 103](+) and the trans-vinylating product ions [M + 25](+). To characterize the reaction products, a combination of collision-induced dissociation, isotope-labeling experiments and model compounds were used. The results indicate, in addition to direct heteroatom alkylation, high extent of ortho attack. We attributed the positional selectivity of the α-PVC to the nature of the substituent on the neutral molecule. In particular, hydroxy and amino groups promoted the alkenylation at ortho position
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