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Titolo: Sensus maxime cognitivus. Sinestesie come critica della “Ragion spaziale”
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
Abstract: “Think mobility rather than stability is a challenge that makes to the social sciences giddy". Geography is one of these so - cial sciences that both must think about the mobility of the globe and at the same time redefine itself because of the pro - cesses of spatial dematerialisation and fragmentation that characterize the contemporary world. Therefore it is neces - sary to overcome the contradiction between the thesis that argues that with globalization the space is insignificant and the thesis that argues that globalization produces an increas - ing spatial differentiation. This oscillation depends on the fact that the word "globalization" does not describe a state of affairs (the immobile Earth) but a whole of many processes (the Mobile Earth). After describing some philosophical mod - els referring to space (in Hegel, Marx and Foucault), the essay suggests that our inability to understand the operations of the world depends on the fact that we give too much importance to the visual paradigm. The proposal is to develop a metaphor - ical and synesthetic reading of globalization to perceive the "sounds" and "smells" products from the political processes and cultural that leave no visible traces.
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