Mar 062020

Dear students,

As we are not sure of the situation regarding our lessons  start, I would like to share with you some of the files we will use during our lessons, so that you can start becoming familiar with their content.

In case of further suspension of the teaching activity, I will inform you about the possibility of conducting my lessons online or via other digital forms.

Inglese 1: The language of written advertising


I would like students to look at these slides and take notes on the contents.

Your notes can be sent by email to:

English for communication skills




Here you have the pdf version of the book by A. Beard “The Language of Politics”, and the slide on my first lesson on The Language of Communication.

Also above please find the slides of my first introductory lesson, delivered on March 4th.

You can peruse both lesson files, take notes, and write to me for any comments or questions.

They will be reviewed again during my lessons as soon as possible.

Please refer to this page for any communication and news.

For any question, comment or need please write an email to

Luisanna Fodde

Friday, 6 March 2020, 12.50 pm



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