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Titolo: Reversibility of fibrosis in Wilson disease
Data di pubblicazione: 2006
Abstract: In contrast with the traditional view that liver fibrosis should be considered an irreversible process, recent evidence indicates that even advanced hepatic fibrosis could be regarded as a dynamic and reversible process, overturning the longstanding dogma that liver fibrosis could never regress. This study was undertaken to evaluate fibrosis evolution in patients affected by Wilson’s disease, in order to answer two main questions: 1) can liver fibrosis reduce after anticopper treatment? and, 2) Is there any correlation between regression of fibrosis and a specifi ctherapy? Our study shows that liver fibrosis, even in its advanced stage, should be regarded as a partially reversible process. This underscores the dynamic nature of liver fibrosis in Wilson`s disease and offers hope for blocking progression of chronic liver disease even in the more advanced stages.
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