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Titolo: Non-invasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis in a series of patients with Wilson's Disease
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: BACKGROUND/AIMS: Liver biopsy has always represented the standard of reference in hepatic fibrosis assessment. Recently, blood markers and instrumental methods have been proposed for non-invasive assessment. The aim of this study was to validate transient elastography and other non-invasive tests compared to liver histology in Wilson's Disease. METHODS: Liver stiffness in 35 Wilson's Disease patients was evaluated by Fibroscan, serum fibrosis markers (AST-to-platelet-ratio index and FIB-4) and biopsy. RESULTS: Compared to liver histology, the FibroScan values increased proportionally with progression of the histological fibrosis stage. Significant fibrosis could be predicted with a Fibroscan cut-off value of 6.6 kPa. Advanced fibrosis could be predicted with a FibroScan cut-off value of 8.4 kPa. Serum fibrosis marker values gave good correlation with hepatic stage. CONCLUSIONS: A FibroScan value of 6.6 kPa was found to be a significant separation limit for differentiating significant fibrosis stages from milder stages and a fibroscan value of 8.4 kPa was found to be a significant separation limit for differentiating advanced fibrosis stages from milder stages. FibroScan values are clinically useful for predicting fibrosis stages and helpful in managing chronic therapy in Wilson's Disease patients.
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