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Titolo: Sguardi sul paesaggio, sguardi sul mondo. Mediterranei a confronto
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: "Sguardi sul paesaggio, sguardi sul mondo. Mediterranei a confronto" takes care of the landscape showing through interdisciplinary essays, the multiplicity of meaning attributed to it. The polysemy of the term, the common thread work, it is inevitable, but it is also a prerequisite for any discussion on the subject. The text, moving geographical analysis starts from the different theoretical perspectives to reach, through the relations between the representations of the landscape and its "physicality" of the complex relationship between changes socio-territorial and landscape transformations in the local southern Mediterranean. The assays have both types of analysis objectivist, in which the landscape is autonomous and independent of the observer, is subjective, focusing on representations made ​​by men.
ISBN: 978-88-204-1489-4
Tipologia:7.1 Curatela

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