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Titolo: Multi-channel GPR Prospection in the Archaeological Site of Monte Prama (Cabras, Italy)
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: Monte Prama’s area is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Sardinia (Italy). Here, during the 70s of the last century, fragments of about 25 giant statues were found, overlying a previous nuragic necropolis (IX-VIII century BC). They represent archers and boxers, of about 2 metres in height. In order to know the extension of the necropolis, a geophysical survey has been carried out in the surroundings of the digged area where the giant statues have been found. The survey was carried out in an area greater than 60,000 square metres by means a 16-channel GPR with a 200MHz antenna. The system has made possible the simultaneous recording of 15 radar profiles spaced 12 cm one another. Therefore, the time needed to survey the entire area, with very high spatial resolution of data, was only of five days in spite of the roughly terrain. Data show the widespread presence of anomalies in a depth range between 60 and 160 cm that can be related to the presences of both graves, walls, huts and roads. Moreover, the geophysical prospection has revealed that the possible extent of the archaeological site could be much more wider than the digged area.
ISBN: 978-605-396-287-8
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