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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure and privilege to invite all the interested researchers to send one or more papers for the Special issue edited by Biomed for the neonatal and pediatric metabolomics.

Special Issue on Modern Clinical Metabolomics for Epigenetic Events and Newborn Health on BioMed Research International.

The quantitative analysis of metabolic spectra and metabolomics in biological systems can provide researchers a detailed functional view at a cellular level and also at an organizational level for tissues and organ systems. Metabolomics represents an important opportunity for investigation, especially for the fetus and newborns, under both normal and pathological conditions. Metabolomics technologies have the potential to measure a wide spectrum of metabolites with the possibility to obtain a picture of the consequences of young individuals’ interactions with the external environment.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

• Metabolomics and epigenetic events of interest in neonatology

• Metabolomics description of cardiovascular and respi- ratory systems diseases in neonatology

• Metabolomics description of brain disease in neonatology

• Metabolomics description of kidney disease in neonatology

• Modern clinical metabolomics: New methods and instrumentation for biomarkers research with metabolomics applied to neonatology

Please, find in the attached document PDF Call for Papers all the information for the submission. Please feel free also to contact the Guest Editors for all the information.


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