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Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: The papers gathered in this volume of LeL were originally presented as talks in a workshop on Sardinian Morphology at the VIII Mediterranean Morphology Meeting, held in Cagliari in September 2011. The versions presented here are the extension of the research and the elaboration of the cues and observations which were provided in that debate. Sardinian morphology is a field of inquiry which has been scarcely researched. In front of this, a great amount of variation does exist and should be described and explained in a systematic way, with deep-reaching studies based on the field-work materials, which can be submitted to the analysis possibly in different theoretical frameworks. This is the basic attempt of these papers. Albeit provided of partially different theoretical backgrounds, they share a solid bulk of common references in the literature on the different fields of morphology and give high relevance to a careful description of phenomena. Given this, il va sans dire, the relevance accorded to the empirical phenomena and their description does not in any way subtend an assumption that observation can be free of theory ladenness (in the sense of N.R. Hanson’s Pattern on Discovery, 1958).
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