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Titolo: Trasposizioni del romanzo cortese: tra allegoria e ironia.
Data di pubblicazione: 2017
Abstract: More than a particular writing or a particular (travel) of the text, I intend to propose the transposition of an intertext: the intertext of the classical coutly novel. The 13th century saw the repetition of the motives and situations of the classic courtly novel and in particular of the great master, at the beginning of the genre, Chrétien de Troyes. This recovery take place in terms that are on the one hand ironic and at the same time metattextual, on the other hand it refers, more or less patently / latently, to an allegorical reading mode. This means that the values of the "classical courtly" novel are criticized, sometimes in a pungent but never totally corrosive approach, but above all the modes of reception are criticized, which have been abused until the banalization of the original meaning. But above all, these novels point to another type of reception or target, which, as recently proposed by F. Gingras, is no longer the 'knights' but the 'clerics'. Thus – while remaining within the same theme and the same set of motives or in the replication of similar motives - a programmatic reversal of the meanings of departure overcomes, starting with the very meaning of 'adventure': the classic idea of ​​the 'classic courtly' novel, then expired in a mere and mechanical 'ideologeme'. Most importantly, Atre Périlleux and Meraugis de Portlesguez will be examined: the first shows a more apparent ironic-corrosive charge and, at the same time, a less obvious but very precious allegorical value; the second shows an allegoricity at the second degrees.
ISBN: 9788862747714
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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