The research activities  of Guido Mula are mainly devoted to Porous Silicon. This is a porous material whith interesting properties and a wide range of applications, from biosensors to optoelectronics to photovoltaics.

Present research activities are those related to the doping of Porous Silicon and to the fabrication of hybrid structures with Porous Silicon and polymers (eumelanin, copolymers, PANI, …).

The available instruments in the lab are a PARSTAT 2273 potentiostat for electrochemical fabrication and characterization (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry), a Lambda 950 UV-Vis_NIR spectrometer equipped with the URA (Universal Reflectance Accessory allowing specular reflectivity measurements at variable incidence angle, 8°-63°) and a FTIR Spectrum 100 spectrometer equipped with specular reflectivity (fised angle) module and an ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) module.

In collaboration with other research groups, scanning electron microscopy (also with energy dispersive spectroscopy), sputter contact deposition, optical spectroscopy and also other characterization techniques are available.


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