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IRIS è il sistema di gestione integrata dei dati della ricerca (persone, progetti, pubblicazioni, attività) adottato dall'Università degli Studi di Cagliari dal mese di luglio 2015.

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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Protected Adaptive Asset Allocation2020BELLU, MIRKO; Conversano, ClaudioFINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS
Describing software developers affectiveness through Markov chain models2020Ortu, M; Conversano, C; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R; Counsell, S; Destefanis, GELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
Recurrent random forest for the assessment of popularity in social media2020Tavazoee, F.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F.KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS
An integrated approach to select key quality indicators in transit services2020Barabino, Benedetto; Cabras, NICOLA ALDO; Conversano, Claudio; Olivo, AlessandroSOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH
On the Use of Markov Models in Pharmacoeconomics: Pros and Cons and Implications for Policy Makers2020Carta, A; Conversano, CFRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH
Practical implementation of the Kelly criterion: optimal growth rate, number of trades, and rebalancing frequency for equity portfolios2020Carta, A.; Conversano, C.FRONTIERS IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS
Discovering Interaction Effects Between Subject-Specific Covariates: A New Probabilistic Approach For Preference Data2020Baldassarre, A; Conversano, C; D'Ambrosio, A; De Rooij, M; Dusseldorp, EPearson
Assessment of the effectiveness of digital flyers: analysis of viewing behavior using eye tracking2020Zammarchi, G; Conversano, C; Mola, FPearson
University student achievements and international mobility. The case of University of Cagliari2020Contu, G; Frigau, L; Mola, F; Romano, M; Conversano, CELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES EVALUATION
Identifying factors affecting the status of superhost: evidence from Sardinia and Sicily2020Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, FrancescoQUALITY & QUANTITY
Empowering detection of malicious social bots and content spammers on Twitter by sentiment analysis2020Tavazoee, Farideh; Buscaldi, Davide; Mola, Francesco; Conversano, ClaudioELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES EVALUATION
Random effects clustering in multilevel modeling: choosing a proper partition2019Conversano, C; Cannas, M; Mola, F; Sironi, EADVANCES IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLASSIFICATION
Information content, interactivity and online popularity of the websites of world heritage sites: evidence from France, Italy and Spain2019Contu, G; Conversano, C; Frigau, L; Mola, FTOURISM, CULTURE & COMMUNICATION
Online promotion of UNESCO heritage sites in Southern Europe: website information content and managerial implications2019Conversano, C; Contu, G; Mola, FELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
Selecting key quality indicators in public transport systems by a robust method2019Barabino, Benedetto; Conversano, Claudio; Cabras, Nicola Aldo; Fantola, MassimoWIT Press
Network-based semisupervised clustering2019Contu, Giulia; Frigau, Luca; Conversano, ClaudioMimar Sinan Fine Arts University Publications
The impact of Airbnb on hidden and sustainable tourism: the case of Italy2019Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, FrancescoINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM POLICY
Detecting and interpreting the consensus ranking based on the weighted Kemeny distance2019Baldassarre, A.; Conversano, C.; D'Ambrosio, A.EUC Edizioni Università di Cassino
Simultaneous threshold interaction modeling approach for paired comparisons rankings2019D'Ambrosio, A.; Baldassarre, A.; Conversano, C.ISAST: International Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Customer Satisfaction from Booking2019Romano, M.; Frigau, L.; Contu, G.; Mola, F.; Conversano, C.Consortium GAAR
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