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Titolo: FIB-induced electro-optical alterations in a DFB InP laser diode
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Citazione: FIB-induced electro-optical alterations in a DFB InP laser diode / Mura G; Vanzi M; Marcello G. - 54:9-10(2014), pp. 2151-2153.
Abstract: A recent experiment used FIB to induce local modification in a single-mode edge emitting laser operating at 1310 nm, and led to a method for estimating gain parameters. In this experiment, the final FIB modification introduced large variation in electrical characteristics that were not analysed in detail, and even seemed to contradict the basic laser model that the experiment itself aimed to confirm. This paper focuses on this puzzling point, and solves it with a circuital hypothesis, a circuit simulation and a direct inspection by XEBIC.
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